The One With The Cold

Yep another cold

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So on Tuesday I had a sore throat which I thought was linked to my antibiotics or was a developing symptom of Lyme Disease. How wrong I was!

Yesterday my throat was really scratchy and I was a little worried that I was getting really ill so I booked an appointment to see the prescribing nurse in my lunch break. She thought I was nuts being diagnosed with Lyme Disease as normally a blood test is needed to diagnose when there is no rash present – I pointed out that I’d been on antibiotics for a week and that the rash was almost completely gone.

She explained that if it was a side effect or allergic reaction it would have started anywhere between straight after taking the first dosage or 72 hours into treatment – Well that nailed that one to the door. Later in the afternoon my nose had started dribbling (that horrible watery snot that you get while the symptoms develop)

I came home yesterday and went to house group which was fine. The Murf supplied me with hot squash while I curled up on the sofa with my notebook and bible to chat through the bible study base on Pastor Mow Mow’s preach two Sunday’s ago (6th Sept). DaveQ was also feeling rough and some how ended up sharing the sofa I was on (At one point he was leaning over on a cushion that was on my feet – he was comfy and was keeping my feet warm too).

I had a shower last night with the heat turned up so there was lots of steam which helped to decongest me a bit – I then got into my Pjams and attacked myself with Vaporub – I’m not doing that again tonight as the “fumes” were a bit heady and were making me feel worse than better lol.

I set my alarm for just after 7 so that I could make sure I’d come to and given myself time to get up at snails pace. I got up and on the way to work popped into the local shop for a box of tissues so that I was well prepared for the day – the local shop had cold/flu remedy in drink form but I prefer the capsules.

Around 11:30 as I was planning what I was going to do in my lunch break, my manager made the decision to send me home – I don’t mind that she wanted me to go home but I feel a little guilty, I got up this morning and did consider calling in sick but I didn’t feel too bad, I didn’t see the point in calling in when I was still reasonably okay.

Anyway so I came home via the supermarket – decided that orange juice and cold relief were needed so I went and got then came home got my tangerine/terracotta blanket and curled up on the sofa – tissues, OJ and cold relief. I’ve been watching Last Chance to See – it’s fascinating I remember writing a project at school about Dolphins and Whales and wrote about the Amazonian Manatee but I didn’t realise quite how close it was to extinction 🙁

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