The One With The Decade

The end of 2009 is a few days away now (my brain has actually lost track of the days really seeing as I’ve been ill lol)

Anyhoo my lovely friend Elle posted her list on her blog. I started my list as a comment and soon realised it was going to be longer than a comment should be lol. So here is my decade in review

  • 10 GCSEs
  • 1 A Level (I got U’s in the others lol)
  • 1 AS Level (again see above)
  • 1 BA Honours Degree (2.2 wahoo!)
  • 4 Weddings (at least): My own, LB (my best friend), My Aunt, Another girl from uni
  • 3 Deaths: Great G-ma B (2000 or 2001), G-ma S (2008), Great Grandma P (2009)
  • 7ish jobs (I was 16 in 2002 so I’ve got every job since then in this one decade!)
  • (Sacked from) 2 jobs (technically I didn’t really have one of them as I was on my first shift when I was sacked)
  • 5 Places of residence (One was for 70% of the decade – could make a pretty graph!)
  • 2 cars (My Ford Fiesta, My Fiat Seicento)
  • 4 planes – I’ve only been to and from Izmir, Turkey but we can to change planes once there and once coming back.
  • 1 stamp in my passport – this was when we went to Turkey
  • 6 significant trips abroad – I think there were more than this but I don’t remember

I think I will surrender there for now lol.


    • God's Rock Angel says:

      It was all about being there at the right time thankfully and pulling myself together to run up all them stairs lol. And then I guess being able to decode and talk the jargon in a+e.

      You are totally welcome 🙂

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      As you can see my friend who goes by “Me” had an important two that I missed lol. There is just so much that has happened in the last few years let alone the last decade lol. But here is to a new decade!

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