The One With The Dream

Explore #481….A Gem of a Beach….Nice in Large!
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Do you have those dreams that are so real you have to convince yourself that they were just dreams when you come to?

When CJ did a climb at the Outdoor Centre I had a horrible dream, I was convinced that he’d really injured himself in this particular climb. It was made worse when I woke up and he’d already left for work, I was bricking it – genuinely convinced that my dream had actually happened. I woke up and texted him to check – I figured if I didn’t get a reply then my dream did happen.

Anyway I had one of those moments this morning – I had to lie in bed for like 10 minutes and convince myself that no I wasn’t on holiday and also had to convince myself of some other random bits in my dream.

The strangest part of my dream was that I felt genuinely happy like every part of me was smiling. I guess that didn’t help with getting my brain in gear for a Monday morning but it did mean that I was upright and ended up being at work at 10 to 9 (I grabbed breakfast at the canteen before going into work…I think my appetite is back. Saturday dinner was a stress because I wasn’t hungry when we finally sat down to eat but more of that to come in another post!)


  1. Mari says:

    I am delighted that my picture helped you to imagine that you were living a dream!!
    It was an absolute Paradise and is now a wonderful dream for me too.
    Enjoy and thanks for getting in touch!

    • Hannie says:

      I was looking for a picture of a lovely warm sandy beach and of all the ones on Flickr yours just jumped out at me 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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