The One with the Giggles and Scales

Good morning.

It’s Thursday which is good because it means it’s one day to the weekend. Although I have another busy weekend so again I won’t be catching up on sleep. Can I skive church on Sunday? I’ll still be going to 24/7 in the evening so it’s not like I’m totally avoiding church. Then again the old dears will probably think I am backsliding or something.

On Saturday I have training for the Street Angels program. Because the meeting is in the middle of town I think I am going to have to walk there other wise I have to pay parking for the whole day which would be kinda expensive. Does the Congregation Hall in Bedford having parking?

I’m failing at my reading of Austen! Seeing as Jane Austen January was partly my idea I feel a bit rubbish for not seeing it through. I started Sense and Sensibility but couldn’t get my head round it so I jumped straight onto Pride and Prejudice which again I can get my head round but life has just got in the way and I’ve not been able to read it. Today marks the beginning of Mansfield Park which apparently is one of the shorter ones. So I could read that quickly and then come back to Pride then again maybe I should take till Sunday to read as much of Pride as I can manage and then flick over to Mansfield Park.

We had Connect Group last night which was hilarious. CJ started talking about a tutor from his college back in Hull and then Mr W and The Murf kept making comments which got sillier and sillier and then Mrs Mow Mow got all confused and didn’t keep up which made it more funny! Me and Zoza (my new friend!) couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny! It was one of those moments that you calm down and then someone says something and it starts you off again! At one point I could actually breathe for laughing – I’m sure that’s not good!

CJ had to weight himself when he got in so that he could fill in a medical form to take to his new doctors today. I jumped on the scales just before him and got a fright. I’m now over 11 stone. I think the whole diet thing needs to be taken seriously and maybe even taken up a notch.


  1. Robert Joy says:

    I’ve been really enjoying your blog. I’m puzzled now and then with “Brit” terms. I get most of them, but the reference to “Stone” is new to this “Yank” from Kansas. Fill me in
    Pen Pal Robert Joy
    (Old guy from Kansas USA)

    • God's Rock Angel says:


      Stones, Pounds and Ounces are Imperial measurements (1 stone = 14 pounds)

      I think I’m about 71 kilos ish if that makes more sense! Or 157 pounds

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