The One with The Good, The Bad and No Ugly

Right, we’ll start with the bad bit and then finish on the good bit that way it balances out like the bad news before the good news.

So bad news – had a rubbish morning, got in to find a ranty email from my manager in my inbox – cause of much debate this morning and I went and stood in the loos for like 10 minutes because I was weepy but not quite crying – I worked my backside off Friday afternoon doing stuff and then she turns round and tells me off for doing one thing that wasn’t really my fault (I wasn’t at my desk long enough to check the answerphone – if it was that desperate maybe she could have checked it as I had my head in a filing cabinet for about two hours! Issues!

GRR! Now I’m tense again and getting wound up in my inner voice (Do you have an Inner voice? Like where you run through how you think a conversation should go before you have it) right deep breathe for the funny and good bit.

A week or so ago my colleague form the USA was here for a couple of days – I think he was a little floored by some things about our office.


From what he said in the USA everyone has a cubicle but like a little one you can just about put your elbows out and touch both walls lol. Us on the other hand I guess we’d be “open-planned” and we have bigger desks.


So the unwritten rule is that if you get a drink you offer to everyone else to get them one too, at most there is 7 other people so it’s not too hard if you boil a full kettle and go from there. (I nearly always have a cold drink so that’s less on the water too)

In the US it’s a big office so it is kind of a case of fend for yourself. I think this floored him too because like every hour we’re on the next round of drinks lol. (Yes there is a knack to asking at certain times so you get a smaller round!)

So much so today he phoned my colleague on her direct line to say “I’m going for lunch and I just wanted to see if anyone wanted a drink”.

I love how we’re so many thousands of miles apart but yet jokes carry lol.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Hi! Found you via your convo message.
    I just wanted to say I like your blog. Oh, and the story about your US colleague and the drinks made me smile!

    • Hannie says:

      The Colleague is really cool – some of my US colleagues are a bit scary but he was really down to earth and cool!

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