The One With The Headache


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So Migraines is part of my medical history but I haven’t had a proper migraine since I was at Upper School – I’ve had a few headaches that have verged on Migraines but nothing that has made me retreat to throw up and retreat to bed.

But in the last three ish weeks I’ve had like 5 headaches 🙁 Not good.

3 have made me retreat to bed or curl up on the sofa. Yesterdays one topped them all. I had curled up on the sofa but when I started feeling like I was wearing a t-shirt in the middle of winter I wrapped up in a blanket (I was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to get a jumper lol). CJ decided to try and diagnose me in case I had symptoms of swine flu. I went to bed about 10:15 with the hope that I could shake it off by morning.

However I woke up on and off throughout the night – I even remember turning over and slapping CJ’s hand and then apologising for it (like he could hear me in his sleep!).

When I woke up this morning I thought I would be okay – I got half up and my head was still hurting but not too bad (kinda take some painkillers and get on with the day kinda of headache) I got up wandered to the loo, my head started thumping really hard and I thought my head was going to explode or something.

I send an email to my manager and The Big Cheese so they knew why I hadn’t shown up for work. I went back to sleep and waited it out to see if the pain went away. I slept most of the morning but as CJ was waiting to hear back from the Agents about the house (I’ll come back to that in a little while!) it all went mad about lunchtime – thankfully my head cleared and I decided to start reading. Now I’m upright catching up on TV and internet time lol.


  1. Me says:


    Have you been to the drs about the increase of these beacbaes/migraines, they sound awful but probably ought to chat to your dr if they continue

  2. Denise Jo says:

    I get migraines really bad, so I know what they are like. Sometimes the after affects last for days. Hope you feel better. Go in a dark cool quiet room and try to sleep if you can.

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  5. Clare says:

    I suffer babdly with them. I know it sounds hoakey but if they start to happen more often, keep a diary of them, times, temps, food/drink intake that day etc. It will help you/your doctor to work out what the problem is. I got to the point that I was vomiting during them from the pain (nice eh?!) after 6 years of complaining to my doctor told me it was anxiety and put me on beta blockers *fingers crossed* I have been better since.
    I hope that helps a little!

  6. Cookie Monster says:

    I am learning to understand that migraines are horrible! I suffered one a couple of weeks ago, and it lasted for 4 days in total, and I haven’t this lost or confused. The only cure is sleep in a dark room, and happy pills colour pink and yellow 🙂

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