The One with the Icy Cinema Trip

As you may or may not know the majority of the UK has been struck with lots of snow over the past 48 hours. Yesterday and today I spend quite alot of time covering my manager in her absence due to the inability to catch a bus from her house into Bedford.

(there are links to follow – I wrote 75% of the post and then managed to delete the whole thing!!!)

Me and Ellefie at Pipe Dreams and Professions have taken to discussing the films that we want to see or that we have seen via Twitter. 

Last weekend I went to see Slumdog Millionaire which was awesome! I went to see it with Mrs Mow Mow and we both really loved it. I really liked the Bollywood Dance number at the end. One of the lads in our Connect Group said that some of the subtitled bits are translated a little cleaner than what is actually being said. So on Monday the snow didn’t hold us back and we went to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Back in October we went to see The Women (I think I reviewed this or at least mentioned it so there should be a link to it later 🙂 ) and I think we saw a trailer for it and decided we would see it. Michael Cera (played Bleeker in Juno) plays Nick, a straight bassist in a gay band. Kat Dennings (I think!) plays Norah, daughter of a rich record producer (Nick’s Ex-Girlf often reminds everyone of this point all the way through the movie).

I really enjoyed it. I think I upset people in the cinema when I got a little worked up and shouted rather louder than I expected “No Way!” it was only when Jeccy laughed at me did I realist what I had done. There would be more info here however I am sat at the college having modeled of Mrs Mow Mow in her Make up class and need to wait for her as I’m giving her a lift home. I will adapt and change when I get home.

Over and out!

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