The One With The Lack of Brains

Yesterday I went to the Gadget Show Live and had an awesome time. I have so much to write about it that it might take two posts – or one whopping great long one! Today I have the day off work because in the original plan me and That Boy (btw CJ doesn’t like being called CJ so I am going to try That Boy out for a little while – my Dad used to call him that lol) were going to stay over in Birmingham (or somewhere near by but he’s now going away for a week on a yacht boat thingy with a bunch of young people so we had to come home so that he could have a extra day at work to deal with all the bits that he wouldn’t be sorting out next week.
So I am sat on the sofa contemplating what to do next.
At present my options are:
  • Sleep on the sofa
  • Put Chuck Season 1 on (and probably sleep on the sofa!)
  • Curl up in bed upstairs and sleep
I’m guessing that option 3 would be most beneficial and normal for me but I think that even at the moment climbing the stairs (yes all 13 steps) may kill me so sleep on sofa seems like a good plan.
Also I want to be able to give my full brain capacity and attention to remembering every detail of the Gadget Show Live.
So I will be back later with my brain in gear and raring to go, for now Chuck in going on the TV and I am going to curl up with the blanket here on the sofa and be sleepy.
I also had some news about the work twitter account – except it came to me via tweet rather than face to face which is kinda upsetting (Yes i did cry but this was because I was tired and had some bad news yesterday evening after leaving the Gadget Show. Also I need to do some writing for Script Frenzy.
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