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7/24/06 Mail Packages
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I love reading.
I love reading books – I’ve tried using an e-reader on my phone and things like that which is good if I’ve forgotten to take a book with me somewhere but there is something about reading a paper book – turning the pages and seeing how far you are through it and things like that.

So the picture above isn’t my mail but I found it on Flickr and decided to use it. I also love mail, like proper through your front door or in your mail box letters. Okay so most of the time they are junk or bills but I love proper letters. To me I think it’s something to do with that an email can be written in seconds and sent off whereas a proper letter has time taken over it.

(Am I making sense?!)

So I tend to sit at the bottom of our staircase and read the letters there or lean up against the work top in the kitchen. I have been known to park in the hallway directly behind the door (not good in most houses that have inward opening front doors).


  1. Rob says:

    Nice to hear that the demise of the printed word is over rated. I keep hearing that everyone below the age of 30 will never by books and that the i-Pad, kindle or whatever are the future. Books offer such wonderful surprises and thought I might add a few books that maybe you and others may enjoy:
    Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks – WW1 epic woven around a tragic love affair – best of 20C?
    A Small Island – Andrea Levy – Post War immigration at its most real
    Brave New World – Aldous Huxley – If you like 1984 you will love this!
    Silas Marner – George Eliot – her most endearing novel – couldn’t stand it at school, but now I love it!
    Other favourites – The Girl at the Lion d’Or, On Green Dolphin Street, Charlotte Grey – all by Sebastian Faulkes
    Keep on reading!

    • Hannie says:

      I’m about to read War and Peace by Tolstoy when I get round to it. I’m reading two books at once for different groups at church which is a little challenging so I can’t really throw Tolstoy in there as well at the moment!

      Think I might try the George Eliot one at some point thanks for the recommendation 🙂

      And one day I might buy an iPad but for now I don’t have the use for it.

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