The One With The Slip Up

I’m in pain.

At 12:30 I rather excitedly headed for the car – I slipped twice but managed to stay up right so I was okay. Got to the car and got my badge, I headed back to the building to cut through to go out the other side of the building to make a snow man with JD.

Well unfortunately  I made it back to the building and about a meter in front of the door I slipped over. I caught my left knee on the floor and landed on my butt, at first I didn’t think that I could get up on my own so I called one of my colleagues but they didn’t answer their phone. I decided that sitting on the icy cold floor was not a good option so managed to get myself up somehow – I used the barrier and managed to get upright. I hobbled through the door into the corridor and held open the door for a lady coming the other way (I do it out of politeness and because it’s a nice thing to do for people). She could see I was upset an I splurted out that I’d slipped over in the snow.

She offered to help me back to the office. I was trying to be polite but it might have come off a bit short – she was super lovely and was only trying to help me. I said that I was okay and I didn’t need help (now I feel really bad that I was mean and rude).

I got back to the office and took my coat off – I sat on the floor and rolled up my trouser leg – my knee was grazed (it was that funny graze where it looks like it’s bleeding but it’s not) it had also gone a funny gray colour – I think it was the cold that did that lol.

ChattyAli rescued me lol. She’s the first aider for our office so she sort me out – I think I would have been okay just to sit there and cry for a few minutes then sort myself out but she looked after me lol.

I’m still in pain now – it hurts if I have it bent, it hurts if I have it straight if I try and go for a happy medium it hurts – when I walk on it, *guess what* it hurts lol.

I’m not sure if I need it seen to – I’ve taken Nurofen but it’s not done anything – it’s not hurting enough to make me cry it’s just very uncomfortable and my knee is still really hot. I thought about going to the drop in clinic rather than a+e – as it’s not really an emergency. Getting an appointment to see my GP is nearly impossible so I won’t try that.

I got home and spoke to CJ about what I should do – I’m in pain like 4 hours later and although it could just be the bruise coming out it is quite painful – I had to move the car seat back to the furthest sitting just to be able to get in the car to drive home. CJ got me to phone NHS Direct and now I’m sat in a queue waiting to chat to the nurse. It could be up to 6pm before they call back (at least then The Kiwi might be back so I can hang out with her)

I am sad that I didn’t get to make a snow man with JD but CJ made me two snow men (I think he made them for me and he was excited when I said thank you for my snow men lol.)

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