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Eiffel vs. The Sky
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Hopefully with the wonders of the internet, this post will appear tomorrow morning while I am on the Eurostar going to Paris.

So I get that seeing as I was off ill I can’t really go away for the weekend, but it’s non-transferable and I was willing to go in today if I was needed (thinking about it I would have stayed all day yesterday except my managers both told me to go home)

We’re going to Paris on Eurostar – oh yeah I already said that lol. I’m just a little bit excited. I’ve posted a picture of the Eiffel Tower just in case we don’t make it there lol. We get the morning train tomorrow to Paris and arrive around lunch – we then get back an early evening train on Sunday evening – so we get about a day and a bit which is an awesome amount of time in Paris (if only it could be longer lol)

Well bring it on and hopefully there will be pictures 😀


    • Hannie says:

      I had an *AMAZING* time! I am feeling a bit better but I’m still coughing quite alot 🙁 I am in the process of writing posts about Paris – for a two day trip there is a lot to share lol (500 words just getting from Bedford to the Hotel in Paris lol)

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