The One With Things I like

Technically it’s called Things I Love Thursday but for this week it has become The One With Things I Like. I had no charge in my MacBook and had got a little addicted to Super Mario Bros on the Wii. I completed one boss and two levels on my own then with Chris managed to complete another level after band practice.

So here are my loves this week:

Lisbon and Jane in The Mentalist

The Mentalist – I loved the first season but love the second season even more. I’m trying to be good but did YouTube Van Pelt and Rigsby to see if there were any spoilers/clips (and there were!!!!)

Sunshine!! I love the snow but I like the sun too!
2010 South Africa 2 195
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The Sunshine – This week we’ve had three days where the sun has actually shined and it’s been at least a little warmer – I do like the snow but prefer it when I don’t have to go out or that I can stay home and play in the snow lol.

My Dad – My bass has been poorly – so poorly that I thought that I might have to take it in for official fixing. Usually I take a screwdriver (or similar implement that does the job!) to my guitar and fix it. Following band practice yesterday, I took my bass to my Dad’s house and asked him if he could fix it. After getting a bit stressy at me because he was in the middle of something he went off into the garage and returned with a screw and a screwdriver and fixed the guitar – just like that! My Dad rocks!

Kaelah's Tattoo

Tattoos – Yes the Christian girl on the blog likes tattoos. I wouldn’t have anything quite like Kaelah‘s (see the picture above)  I’m more for little ones or ones that have reasons behind them rather than the fact that they are pretty or cute but I do like them in moderation I guess would be the phrase! Yesterday I read a post about Kaelah and her new arm tattoo – it’s an octopus and it’s amazing. I would have like a little star or something like that but if I do then I can’t give blood (or bone marrow which I’m still waiting for a response about) for like a year or something like that. There’s also the risk that I won’t be able to give it again for one reason or another. (Also please vote for her here – It’s going to be an amazing opportunity for her if she wins).

So there we go…. I might not be around much this weekend as I’ve got quite a lot on and not a lot of battery. Chris had to take the working charger away with him so I have about 3 hours of battery to last all weekend.


  1. Elle says:

    I would not have you down as a tattoo person! I’m getting one done on Tuesday – thought I was having it done yesterday (which is why I was having nightmares about needles!).

    And I agree, dads rock. I really hope the sunshine stays – no more snow!!

    • Hannie says:

      Yeah, I’d have something small and kinda unnoticeable lol. (You know one that i know I have but hardly one else knows lol)

      My two main reasons for not getting one are that I would have to stop giving blood for like a year (and I wouldn’t be able to give Bone Marrow if the register decide that they do need me). Also I’m a youth leader at church (and I’m married to the main Youth Worker so I have to be a good example and all that.

      my two main reasons for not getting one are that I’d have to stop giving blood for like a yr and I’m a pt youth leader

    • Hannie says:

      I so agree!!!

      I think it’s hilarious half the stuff that Patrick Jane gets up to and yet gets away with it too!

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