The One With Two Cinema Trips

So how is it, for ages I can’t find anyone to go to the cinema with and then two friends ask me to go on the same night. Well luckily enough they both wanted to see two different films at two different times.

JD wanted to see Whip It! At 6:45 and Zoza wanted to see The Blind Side at 9pm. I worked out that I would have about twenty minutes between the showing and that gave me time to take JD home and get back to the cinema – I’ve not seen Zoza since before Easter and I know that was only like a week or two ago but thats a long time when you normally see someone twice a week lol.

So Whip It!, technically came out last year but took that long to get here from the USA, it’s Drew Barrymore’s directal debut (Which is exciting because I love her films). The story is based on the novel by Shauna Cross called Derby Girl. Ellen Page (Juno) plays Bliss Cavendar, she’s a teenager who joins a roller derby team much to her parents disappointment. Bliss is a misfit and really doesn’t fit in her small town. Her mum is one of those pushy Mum’s who want their daughter to be a starlet because they never made it kinda thing. There’s also romance in there as Bliss finds love with a musician.

Me and JD both loved the film and I am definitely getting it on DVD. I am sad but even crossed my mind about getting some roller skates – can you still buy roller skates rather than blades? I had a cool pair when I was young with bright yellow stars on a blue background they were second hand from my friend.

Anyhoo so I come out the cinema and nip to the loo. As I come out the loo I spot The murf stood with his friend. I decide that I am going to stay for the trip with Zoza, JD says its okay and she’ll walk to her mum’s house which is literally round the corner rather than me driving her home to come back to the cinema. So then I join the queue to get my ticket for The Blind Side, The Murf and his friend then walk past me to join Pastor Mow mow who is the queue about two or three people behind me (by which point I feel really embarrassed about going to the cinema twice in one evening lol)

The Blind Side is also a film adapted from a book. The book was written by Michael Lewis and was published in 2006. There are two story lines that run through the book but the film focuses specifically on that of Michael Oher, he played left defence for Ole Miss football team and currently plays right tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

Michael has been in and out of foster care with different families for most of his life, each time he’s placed with a new family he runs away. One of his friend’s fathers, manages to enrol him in a christian school after the father convinces the coach that he is a natural athlete. The teachers are all convinced that he’s going to fail and that it won’t achieve anything. However until Michael can get his grades up he can’t play sport. One of his teachers notices that he still learns everything he just struggles to put it into words on paper, she makes him sit one of his tests but she asks him the questions and they discuss the answers – each of the teacher impliment this and his grades start to go up (I was proud of this because my brother was told that he’d never amount to anything and his teachers were convinced that he’d fail his GCSEs because of his dyspraxia)

Anyhoo I won’t tell you any more of the story because otherwise it’ll ruin it for you. I loved the story line and I felt proud of what Michael achieved. A friend told me that I might cry because it’s a sweet story but I didn’t hehe.

My favourite moment that you should look out for is when the kids are all in the playground and Michael goes and pushes two little girls on the swings – I love how they realise that he’s a gentle giant and that he won’t hurt them.

I loved both films and would throughly reccomend both – I think if I’d been with my Mum we’d have seen The Blind Side rather than Whip It! Lol.


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  2. Elle says:

    Yes, you can still buy skates instead of blades. Do it! And join a roller derby club. Hehe! 🙂

    I don’t think I’ll get the chance to see The Blind Side. Liked Whip it though. 🙂 x

    • Hannie says:

      We chatted about this the other day lol. I can’t go to the local Roller Derby club because they rehearse on Wednesday and Sundays when I have house group and church stuff. lol

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