the pre-30 list: part one

the pre-30 list

The Pre-30 List

Get a new job…

…or vocation

Given that I’ve just completed Day 6 of my new temp job, I think in a way this goal is completed. Okay it might get completed multiple times in the next three years if I don’t settle but for now I’ve crossed it off. I’m currently signed up until the end of August – part of me wants it to be extended but at the same time I wonder about finding something else and going somewhere different. But I guess we’ll see what God has got planned. Life can change a huge amount in 12 weeks ish.

My job is working at a international company in their Bedford office (well where else would I be walking to lol). I’ve made a bunch of new friends including Meetali who is also a blogger – She writes for Butter Cream Magic and Gujarati Food Made Easy. (I think we bug other members of our team because we spend our breaks together talking blogging and holidays lol).

I wrote more about it under Hannah’s Job Search so I won’t repeat here, the first couple of days were a bit touch and go but in the next few it got better. Yesterday (and probably today!) I’m working on spreadsheets which I really enjoy (what a nerd!) even though everyone else seems to point out how boring they are.

I Heart Spreadsheets