The Week Just Gone – Week 2

Happy New Year! We’re allowed to still say that even though we’re almost two weeks into the new year right? So here is the week just gone

So what have I been up to? Here’s what I’ve been up to this last week…

  • This week started with a chat and a cuppa with Nel at Little Pink Maker about exciting things that might be happening. (More to follow on that soon hopefully). It’s lovely to hang out with Nel and we can compare notes on Denmark vs the UK and what’s better/worse etc.

The Week Just Gone:


  • The Forgotten Guide to Happiness by Sophie Jenkins (review coming soon!)
  • Dreams and Schemes at the Seahorse Inn by Emily Harvale (turns out I’ve started the series on Book 5 which might explain while some bits don’t make sense…. might have to finish this one then fill in the gaps).


  • No more Christmas music but did “dig out” the 2000s Rock after Verity at Truly Hooked mentioned it on her IG stories – I’m going to have to build my own playlist though because there are so many songs with swear words in them. Also not sure I’m quite ready to introduce Jaxon to Marilyn Manson…
  • I’ve also been listening to the Encanto Soundtrack – I found it on Spotify in Danish and ended up falling down a hole of Disney songs in different languages. At one point I had Till Summer from Frost (In Summer from Frozen) followed by En Ven Som Mig from Aladdin (A Friend Like Me – isn’t the same without Robin Williams…). I’m sure there was a Chinese or Japanese one on the playlist too. There was definitely a French one as well!


I’ve been working my way through Disney Movies – one of my 22 Goals for 2022 is to watch all 60 of the Walt Disney Animation Studio movies. My goal was one a week and I think I’m now up to about 8. I keep trying to pick ones that don’t appeal as much so that they are done. I’m gearing up for Bambi though as I might need to send the boys out so that if I cry through it they aren’t here to laugh at me… My GCSE English teacher was known for her love of horror films but somehow it came up in conversation that she’d watch most movies at least once but would never EVER watch Bambi again!

I watched The Descendants and Enough Said as they popped up on Disney Plus. Mum and I had started to work our way through Big Sky while she was visiting so we’ve been catching up to one another so we can watch the next episode at the same time and have a running commentary via WhatsApp or Facetime lol.

I’ve started watching some new YouTube channels too including DejiligeDays, Highlands2Hammocks and Travel Beans


Having finished two baby blankets over Christmas, I’ve gone back to some of my WIPs to try and clear the decks a bit. How is it I keep finding more projects I’ve started but not finished? I think that might be the goal for the rest of January. (Clearly, there’s something about making baby blankets over Christmas, as this post popped up.

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