The Week Just Gone – Week 39
Blogtober Day 3

Good morning or good evening I guess. Depending on when you’re reading this.

Another week has gone by and we’re even closer to the start of our adventure. I had started a post two weeks ago to tell you all where we were up to but that didn’t really happen. Isn’t it just the way that life or work or both get in the way – especially if blogging is a mostly unpaid thing and “proper” work is a played one.

So two weeks ago, with help from Dad, I managed to get the suitcases down from the loft. This week I was onto the next step which was to start packing. While I packed Rex’s things I also packed the too-small baby clothes away into other boxes so they can be hand-me-downed to the next person. He’s slightly too small still for 12-18 months but he’d get more wear out of the 12-18 months stuff – right?

The last few weeks have often felt like just as I clear one thing from my to-do list, another two would come in. This kind of reached a head when I had a full-on meltdown mid-Zoom call. I ended up leaving the call and having to sit in the other room just to calm myself down. I pulled myself together and went back to the call but that was kind of the whole day gone, I was in a funk for the rest of the day and don’t think I really functioned properly at all.

I’m thinking if I can spend some time properly planning posts and then get a little ahead of myself with scheduled posts and things might ease up a bit, but then it’s about having the time. I probably need to sit down with someone who knows this stuff and chat it through with them and formulate a plan – might also help for that person to keep me on track too (it’s easy to fall down a YouTube or IG hole some days!). I watch YouTube channels like Kara and Nate and Trent and Allie and they both have a delay on when they record vs when their videos go live so maybe I need to try and figure that out for my blog somehow. I’ll put a pin in that idea and come back to it.

So what have I been up to? Well, here we go, in the last 2ish weeks…

  • Knitting group (Lemon and Ginger) went back for the first time since March 2019. It was so lovely to see everyone. It was kind of funny how some of the ladies reacted to Rex as I was 16 weeks pregnant when we last met and now he’s 13 months old! He didn’t entirely cope very well with group – I think there are so many people there and he’s used to being in a highchair for meal times so when I don’t feed him or just feed him snacks he gets worked up and wants to get up and about. I guess this is just one of those things he’s going to different from Jaxon. (Lemon and Ginger started when Jaxon was about the same as Rex and so he’s got used to that, that was what we did on a Monday morning. And the ladies adopted him as the knitting group mascot lol)
  • The Pavilion where we meet has new owners so it was lovely to meet them but strange not to see the “normal” team there. I guess they have all moved on to new adventures and jobs etc.
  • While at knitting group I bumped into my friend Rachel who runs Booktastic. Back in July I helped with part of their online event and it was the first time I’d seen her in about 18 months if not 20. The urge to hug was very strong but we resisted lol. She also had a little thank you gift for me. It was a pin badge from Tea Make Cake (who I love!!). I have two project bags from her amongst other goodies – she’s a local small business who just rocks! Thank you Rachel!!
  • I’ve still been reading when I can. Somedays it’s easier than others and I have to make sure I’m focusing on what I actually need to do!
  • As part of packing for the adventure I’ve been trying to clear out some stuff too. Something I’ve learnt in this whole sort of process if that it’s easy to gain “in case” stuff and sometimes you have to be drastic and chuck it out. Today (Sunday) I filled one bag with charity shop stuff and then a second with rubbish that had just gathered or not really been dealt with. I put the coat that I bought in January 2020 in the charity bag – I’d really tried to go second hand. I was going to get a second-hand coat that was going to be great and it would fit and that would be that. But then it arrived, it had elasticated cuffs around the wrists and wasn’t as long as I hoped it would be. But the major issue was that it wouldn’t fit around my bump. So instead I ended up at GoOutdoors. The first coat I bought and wore to Copenhagen in February 2020 was great it was warm and it had proper pockets but in less than the time we were away the zip broken and that was it. Couldn’t use it anymore. I went back to get an exchange but decided I would prefer a different style so for my yellow coat which I love. It could do with bigger pockets but they do zip up and they keep my hands warm so that’s a winner. It’s like a thin duvet so works really well to keep me warm.
  • And here’s where I bury the lead. Rex and I were involved in a car accident on Friday afternoon. Thankfully it was minor and I wasn’t at fault. It was so loud and then kind of scary as the other driver just drove off and didn’t even stop to make sure we were okay. Thankfully we were right outside one of the petrol stations in Bedford and some of the staff were outside about to open the forecourt again so they were all witneeses to the accident. They were amazing. One got me some water, another rang 999, another checked CCTV, someone checked on Rex (who was screaming like crazy both out of “scary thing just happened”/”Mummy is really upset”/”Random strangers keep talking to me and I don’t know who they are!”/”Where’s Mummy?”. We were both checked over by the paramedics then I gave a statement to the police amongst other things. There is more to the story but the main thing is we are all good, the car was dinged but it’s fixable (I think!) and we were well taken care off even if the other driver drove off without caring to stop.

I’m sure there is more to write about what has happened but in true me style, I’ve started but not finished this, so we’ll leave it here and see what happens next week.

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