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34 (was supposed to be 50) Things About Me

1. Even now at 26 I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

2. I think I’d be a writer. I don’t know what I’d write but as long as it paid the bills it would be okay right?

3. I keep meaning to write a bucket list. The start of it is coming I know. Places to visit – but not just a city, the actual specific places in that city that I want to go to for example Wok to Walk in Amsterdam, Tiffany’s in New York (not to shop but to eat breakfast a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast Ar Tiffany’s) and the cafe on 69th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus which was “The Shop Around The Corner in You’ve Got Mail – Thank you to the Book Snob for the info)

4. I’m married to my best friend. He compliments my crazy and kicks me out of my comfort zone (as much as I hate it, most of the times it’s for the better).

5. I love snow. It’s better when I don’t have to go anywhere. But I love snow….. (It would seem Our Sidekick also loves it a bit more this year than last year).

6. I have one brother. He’s younger but taller than me. He’s my resource for all sorts of things and my team mate when we play Articulate.

7. I am one of six grandchildren on my dads side and one of four on my mums side. On both sides I’m the eldest.

8. As a kid I wanted to be a vet until I saw someone stick their arm up a cows bottom to help with delivery of a calf. That was it I didn’t want to be a vet any more.

9. I also wanted to be a Lawyer (a quirky but kick butt one like Ally MacBeal),Book Editor (I figured it was a job where I could get paid to read all day!), gardener (but I hated weeding lol), teacher or paramedic. At one point I also wanted to be a forensic scientist.

10. Apart from tweets that are clearly spam I try to reply to all of them – like replies it makes me feel like someone is actually listening to what I say. So if you @ me I do my best to reply.

11. I wished for a snow day so that I could stay home and read – for that to have happened they would have needed to not grit our road, get about two or three more inches of snow specifically up against our front door and probably come up with an option for me to work from home.

12. So far in 2013, I’ve joined a book club, been to a WI meeting and taught two people crochet. There’s at least a third person in the pipeline and a fourth following suit.

13. I watch far too much television, I also read too much (if that’s possible). I’d like to sit a reading test to see what my reading age is – then again it probably doesn’t yield the same results once you leave education. I guess at 26 it would confirm that I can read at a degree level or something like that.

14. I love writing proper handwritten letters. I have five pen pals that I write letters to. It’s possible there are more.

15. I’d love an old fashioned typewriter so that I could write other letters too.

16. I have brown eyes.

17. I’m going prematurely grey rather than try and hide this fact I haven’t dyed my hair recently. Somedays it bugs me and somedays I embrace it.

18. Having said that I have a streak a bit like a skunk lol.

19. When I have more grey than brunette I’m threatening to dye my hair pink blue or fire engine red.

20. I’d love to speak at TEDxBedford in June. Question is what would I talk about.

21. Our guinea pigs (Owen and Samuel) are the first pets that I’ve ever had. I wanted a hamster growing up but the whole thing about cleaning up their poop kinda put me off (and my parents wouldn’t let me as they figured that they would be cleaning up after the hamster if I had one – can’t say I blame them!)

22. I suck at looking after house plants – I think it must be because they can’t tell me that there is a problem or they are hungry etc.

23. If I could pay my bills by crochet then I think I would – my fingers would hurt and my hands would probably be falling off but I think it would make up for it in the end.

24. I love Doctor Who however unlike MellyWho I’ve not seen that many of the episodes pre-Chris Eccleston – clearly I need to borrow them from my brother and get watching!

25. One day I’d like a tattoo, it might not be in the next ten years or so but one day maybe…….Then again I might get disowned by my parents or at least get an epic telling off!

26. I’m not a fan of skirts or dresses – one in a while I’ll go through a phase but it usually finishes again and I go back to trousers.

27. I love to travel and would catch a plane tomorrow (if life wasn’t a little more complicated!) but I couldn’t travel for months on end. I think I’d miss home too much.

28. Rainbow cakes and chicken stir fry are becoming my party pieces (as I write this post the chicken is sizzling away to make stir fry as the takeaway was closed).

29. Growing up I loved cooking but hated the clearing up also the silly comments I would get from my dad or brother.

30. I own two acoustic guitars, an electric guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, tenor recorder, treble recorder, sopranino recorder, flute and clarinet.

31. I play all apart from the ukelele and clarinet competently. I can also play piano (at a varying level of difficulty – I can play Für Elise up to a certain point by heart but I go to pieces when I try and read the music to learn the next part.

32. When we got married, I hated Indian food and pretty much refused to eat it. Now I’d openly choose a korma from the menu without being forced lol.

33. I regularly dream quite vividly. Sometimes so vividly that I have to convince myself that it was a dream when I wake up.

34. When Chris and I were in Paris we went to look for “Rue de Loo” which was where Julia Child lived at one point. Unfortunately I had the house number wrong so we ended up looking at the wrong building! Oops!

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