Things I Love Thursday – .v2

With our holiday done and work bits out of the way I’m working on getting back on the blog train. At least in theory, let’s see how this goes. Here is Things I Love Thursday.

Things I Love Thursday

New Clothes

When we were in France, we visted Val d’Europe and the shopping centre there. Val d’Europe is part of the Disneyland Paris area but isn’t explicitly Disney. While we were there I bought this top below – I absolutely love it. I think I will need to dig out a long sleeved top to wear underneath it when the weather turns cold because I love it that much lol. Now I think I will need to speak to my sewing friends and see if they can help me make one of my own (or maybe two!)

red/orange Sleeveless top with white floral pattern
Decking in the garden

Our Garden

We’ve started to get ideas together to sort out our garden, which is need of some proper TLC. Our friend Tom who runs Tom’s Garden Services here in Bedford is helping us with some of the harder bits like digging out the conifers in the front garden and fixing up the fence in the back garden. But we’re working on ideas for decking just outside the back door. I love the combination of the dark decking and the white raised flower beds in this one. I think I would be going for a colour rather than white but that’s just me! 

On The Hook

I’ve got a variety of crochet projects on the go and before we went away I was working on a couple of things including clearing my WIPs pile as it was breeding. One of those is changing a hexagon project into squares. Hexagons work really lovely but on my project they just aren’t working. Whereas this one by Padraigin Handmade is gorgeous. I love Sharon’s eye for colour – the colours in her projects always work so well together!

Hexagon Cushion by Sharon at Padraigin Handmade

The Marvel Universe

A few weeks back, my brother, my mum and I went to see The Avengers: Infinity War. I thought I was all up to date but I think along the line I’ve missed some of the storylines so didn’t entirely know who everyone is. (This one was the one found on Pinterest but wasn’t the one originally in this blog post – you can find this one here).

This is the kind of thing I could come up with, if I had the patience (or didn’t have an assistant trying to help me!). For as long as I can remember, whenever anyone has asked me what my favourite colour is my response has often been rainbow – if it’s counted! But I realised that my daily outfits were graduating towards greys and blacks. I think I became boring or something like that! Time to re-embrace the colour I think! 

Any tips on how to do it or maybe just go for it?