Things I Love Thursday v3

Years ago I had the series “Things I Love Thursday” and along the line it got semi-retired but I’m bringing it back. This is to share videos, articles, random other snippets that I found on the Internet this week (or was shared with me as Chris often sends me random bits).

Things I Love Thursday. Wooden blocks with letters on the beach spelling out Thursday

Tallest and Longest Buildings

My Dad and I seem to have these conversations where we fall down rabbit holes. The Tallest and Longest buildings has been a regular topic recently. I saw this video about the longest (residential) building in the world. (Having turned the corner, the next corner of the building is over a kilometre away). Look up Karl-Marx-Hof on Google Maps and then look at the satellite view… So then you get in the territory that it’s not a straight wall and there’s all those arches, so does it count? (If you could lay the Burj Khalifa down next to it, this building would still be longer).

One of Tom’s examples from a Wikipedia article is the Bymuren at Avedøre (a suburb of Copenhagen). Bymuren – means The City Wall… It’s debatable whether it’s correct or not – I guess someone needs to come up with better ways to measure it but it’s about an hour away by train and I’m tempted to go on an adventure to see it. Anyone want to come too?

So then we get back to tallest buildings. Currently the Burj Khalifa in Dubai holds the record at 828m tall. There’s this video all about the tallest buildings and some of the taller buildings that are proposed.
So what about the tallest buildings in Copenhagen. They are a fraction of the Burj Khalifa but might prove fun to try and find them. This is Pasteurs Tårn in Carlberg Byen and that seems to be one of the tallest but whether it is THE tallest might take some more research (and maybe a spreadsheet…). Maybe time for some research and then an adventure around the city.

The Last Knit

I had an idea that if I sorted my YouTube search by View Count, I could visit some of those less viewed videos and share the love. At first, YouTube sorted them by most seen and this one came up first – 29 million views since 2006 – that’s a bit bananas! (The most popular video on my YouTube Channel has over 1700 which is a little mind-blowing for me lol)

Cuerdas (Strings)

This video was being shared around on IG stories/TikTOK

The Italian Trans-Siberian Railway

The actual Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. So how did a railway in Italy end up with the name Trans-Siberian? Have a read here. (If you’re a nerd like me and travelling the Trans-Siberian is on a wish list, you can see a set of Trans-Siberian Railway vlogs by Kara and Nate here)

When You’re Gone

This was and still is one of my favourite songs – how is it 24 years old though?? The original is here and Mel C and Bryan Adams re-recorded it and a new video too here.