thirtynine: friday questions #2

Friday Questions

1. Which is the coolest blog you read?
Even I know that this is a crazy hard question! Okay so top five are Miss Zoot, Miss Geeky, HandMadeLove, The Nerd Nest and Little Red Welly.

2. Harry Potter of Lord of The Rings?
Book wise I’ve not actually read the Lord of The Rings series, I’ve read The Hobbit but Lord of The Rings and The Silmarillion are to follow at some point. Harry Potter on the other side I read pretty much as soon as they came out. I went to the midnight release for the last Harry Potter book and dragged Chris with me (then again maybe it was one of those “stepping out of the box” moments)

3. Would you rather gradually lose your sight or lose your hearing?
I think I’d rather lose my hearing, it would be hard as I love music and often listen to the audio track of a TV show while blogging or writing in my journal. Also I work in Customer Service and my main role involves answering the phones so I’d still need to be able to hear the caller at the other end. Having said that there are so many advances with technology that I might still be able to use a computer to do parts of my job still.

4. Would you ever wear real fur?
No, I really wouldn’t. I don’t mind leather for my shoes but there’s something about fur that gives me the creeps! I love the film 101 Dalmatians with the real dogs but the idea of wearing Dalmatian fur is a bit crazy.

5. If money was no object, would you travel or stay home?
I think I would travel a bit, I guess if money is no object that could cover my bills at home while I traveled a bit. Then again Our Sidekick would still need to go to school etc, so if he and Chris came with me it might have to be in the holidays.

So off you go, fill in the answers and link back here. I look forward to reading.

Have a great weekend!!!

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