This IS the Summer of Me

Summer of Me I officially eat too much rubbish in between meals – just a chocolate bar here and a bag of sweets there.

So I have decided to use my will power – I am going to stop eating junk between meals like chocolate and crisps – if I get hungry I eat fruit or veggie sticks (like celery or carrot)

I am determined to look good!

This is the Summer of me!

 (What?!?!? I decide I am going to be healthy and the Sales guy appears with Chocolate doughnuts!!!! NO FAIR!!!)

EDIT: OK so naughty me gave into the doughtnuts but I have kept track of my calories today. I have also added my own little twist. I’m not going to drop out completely but I am going to run my idea. Recently I’ve been quite negative whereas in the past I’ve looked for the silver lining now I just look at the black clouds. So the way I am going to make this The Summer Of Me is to prodominately be more positive (and the healthy eating will also come into it)


  1. Ari says:

    Good for you! I’m trying the same thing – eat healthier, quit smoking, and getting in shape. Can’t wait to check in on your progress!

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