{This Weekend}

I was about to start this post with “I really failed on my to do list” but actually having looked back down it I did do quite a lot.

{one} Washing – well no washing got done – I woke up Saturday morning and had meant to do it but because I went to sleep around 3am I didn’t actually wake up until about 11am. When I did wake up I’d done something to my neck and couldn’t turn my neck towards my right shoulder – I got to a certain point and all the muscles in my neck and back started hurting. I ended up sitting in front of the TV for most of the day not doing very much because it was hurting to do normal stuff as well.

{two} Watch Doctor Who – well I managed this – and the end was like “Okay so when did that happen?” I can’t say any more than that without giving away spoilers.

{three} Tweak poster for A Love Like Yours – this was done as soon as I got home on Friday. After work I went to the charity shop to empty the boot of the car as I’d had some bags of bits to go to the charity shop that kept getting moved round. I also bought 3 new tops while I was there. I then came home and edited the poster before emailing off to the relevant people.

{four} Put Clothes away from (last) weekend – Now I think this happened Saturday evening when the painkillers had kicked in and I was feeling more human – or it might have been Sunday before bed – I’m not sure that bit of my weekend got all muddled lol

{five} Find a recipe for Eton Mess – done, I found a recipe here and tweaked it a bit.

{six} Make Eton Mess (and blog it)– Well I forgot to take pictures so couldn’t really blog about it – the first attempt was a little too much cream and not enough meringue and fruit so that will be tweaked for next time – Dad said it needed chunks of fruit rather than just the mushed strawberries to make the cream pink.

{seven} Finish His Image, My Image by Josh McDowell – this didn’t happen with the sore neck and sleeping most of Saturday (and then dozing off Sunday afternoon in front of the TV) I seemed to lose most of my weekend lol.

Thankfully with yesterday being a bank holiday I thought I’d be able to chill a bit and enjoy the day in Cambridge. Well at 7am ish when Chris woke me up I had a headache so he let me go back to sleep for another hour – technically it was supposed to be about half an hour but then he was busy doing other stuff. I got up and drank about a litre of fluid before leaving the house I also took paracetamol to kick my headache into orbit. That worked temporarily but by lunch time it came back and I had to take some more painkillers – again it went but came back around tea time. Anyway so I took the first lot and we headed off to church. Chris went to get the minibus key and decided – as I’m now allowed to drive the minibus I should move it out of the driveway and round to the front of church. Well because the driveway goes onto a residential street that has cars parked both sides of the road it was easier said than done – it was strange getting used to the bonnet being so shallow in comparison to a car bonnet. I was up to the wing mirrors getting it out of the drive way and Chris kept saying “Mind the mirrors, mind the mirrors” I think I told him to shut up at that point because I was concentrating on getting out of the drive way in one piece and remembering the turning circle is completely different (when turning left you kinda have to aim for the wrong side of the junction to get the back end round without clipping the curb). Well I was fine out of the driveway I then took the corner to turn up Denmark Street into the front of church a little too tight and I clipped the curb – I think I then wiggled it and parked too far away from the curb but it was fine while we got everyone on the bus and sorted. The Murf even took a picture of me behind the wheel.

That was fine, I was all ready to hand over to Caz to drive to Cambridge as she’s our Minibus person in our Connect Group, somewhere in here Chris decides that I should drive – I need to get used to it. Well I freak and I get all proper worried – first time I drove a car it was me and my instructor – first time I drove a car post-test me and my Dad. First time driving the mini bus properly, Chris, Caz, The Murf, and like 9 other people (4 being under 15!) were there to observe my first time lol.

Well we made it to Cambridge and I was very glad to get out and stand on the pavement – it wasn’t a bad journey as there was very little traffic (For a bank holiday then again it was about 10am by the time we got to Cambridge).

We went punting and I was grateful for the rest lol. It was nice to chill out and take pictures and things.I tend decided that I had to have a go – which was fine but I nearly fell in the river – that would have been funny but very cold.

After we’d been punting we had a picnic next to the river – it was good but it was getting a bit cloudy and cooler.


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  1. Amy says:

    Ooopse. I accidentally commented on your old blogger blog. I was confused. ha ha ha. I don’t think I have ever clicked on your old blogger blog because I know who you are and know that your blog isn’t blogger. ha. Yeah. Brain malfunctioned for a bit. Glad you got a lot done even when you thought you didn’t at first 🙂

    • Hannie says:

      That’s not mine hehe. My friend set up a blog and needed some help so I’m like a second person on the account although I’ve done know writing on it – will make her day to have a comment that’s not from me for once lol. So thank you for your accidental comment and thank you for not deleting it when you realised your hiccup.

      I think my brain malfuctioned too lol. Then again with all that pain maybe it was malfunctioning lol.

    • Hannie says:

      I think I had a look at that recipe but all the sizes were like cups or pounds of fruit – I’m used to kilos and grams when it comes to baking lol. It was pretty nice though. My mum said its not something you really can get wrong and you tweak the recipe for individual tastes.

  2. TriGirl says:

    Wow, that was an ambitious list and it sounds like you got a fair amount done…sorry to hear about the lingering headache though. That’s annoying. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier! (i’m off now to find out what ‘punting’ is…)

    • Hannie says:

      You’re welcome! Punting is similar to the gondolas in Venice. You can either have a guided tour who will tell you about the buildings and parks along the route or you can hire a punt and off you go. We had two punts as there were 12 of us. I’ve been before with just two of us – still fun but you have to take turns at steering which is the harder part. 🙂

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