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This Weekend I… had written a to do list to try and be super focused. Then Chris had Saturday of work which seemed to throw me completely. I spent a chunk of Saturday morning knitting. One of the presents I’m making has taken me about 6 attempts to cast on and keep all my stitches where they should be!!

This Weekend I… went to the Community Fair at Church Lane Community Centre. I’m not sure what I expected it to be but it was a bit of a let down. A friend of a friend had a stall there, her company is called Sewing for Utange. She makes all sorts of things out of old pairs of jeans and other bits and pieces. There was a very cool handbag there that I nearly did buy but I am trying to be good and not buy a new one until I need one rather than buying because I’d like one lol. Anyway here are some fab keyrings that Caroline makes. (Ruby would love these!!)

Owl Keyrings made from fabric and denim

This Weekend I… well Chris and I went to have lunch together. We went to the Harvester, I was a bit annoyed that they have discontinued my favourite dish (I probably mentioned this before!! I used to order Simply Pasta with a grilled chicken breast – my syns were then a treat of garlic bread – yummy!). So instead I had a grilled chicken burger (didn’t eat the bun) and had baby potatoes (they were smothered in butter *sad face*). I had expected to get some vegetables as in the past when I’ve had that same meal it has had vegetables, when it arrived I was a bit like “Where are my veggies????” but the waitress had disappeared so grabbed one of the waiters (he happened to be someone I went to school with so it was a relative sensible conversation!). I don’t know whether he was supposed to but he nipped out to the kitchen and got me a bowl of peas to have with my dinner. (Got to love excellent customer service haven’t you?)

This Weekend I… following dinner we came home as Our Sidekick was due back from contact. When he got in we got started on his English homework that had been set on Friday and he’d forgotten to do it. It was all about the role of women in the same time that Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is set. He needed to revise it so that he could join in the conversation in class. I think I might have been aiming for a slightly early section of history but I’m sure most of it was carried over so hopefully it gave him enough information to start his research. About the same time my SIL arrived to work her way through applying for some jobs. We spent the first hour or so going through her CV and making sure that it was all okay and organised for sending out to possible employers. We also signed up to a couple of jobs websites so her CV is out there being viewed by businesses.

This Weekend I… watched Strictly while attempting to blog – which didn’t really happen (Again back to the To Do list that failed!). I know he might not be the No 1 there but I love how much Dave (From Hairy Bikers) is enjoying himself while doing it. I loved Sophie’s Charleston and Deborah’s Latin (I can’t remember was it Salsa or Cha Cha…..). I know it’s already happened but I did expect the golfing chap to go home first.

This Weekend I… headed for church, first up we needed to pick up my SIL to take her with us to church. Although she didn’t pick up when I called her to let her know we were on the way she was outside the front of her place ready to go. Church was a bit of a challenge for her especially as she didn’t really know anyone and was really wound up at us all for various different things.

This Weekend I… encouraged my SIL to hand out her CV in town to see if we could get her a job here in Bedford. We did visit quite a few shops who were happy to take a CV although they weren’t necessarily recruited at this exact point in time. It was a little frustrating in some places – especially in a particular department store who were really short with my SIL and basically said if you don’t want an x contract don’t bother applying.

This Weekend I… watched two and a bit episodes of Downton Abbey. I missed it when it first started, I think it clashed with something else on the recordings and things like that. I’m up to about Episode 3 of Season 1. My Mum has lent me Season 1 and 2 on DVD. I’ve also found Monarch of The Glen on YouTube so I’m well and truly occupied for quite a while. I can work on watching them all while knitting and crocheting Christmas presents.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the mention, Hannah! I’m in the process of setting up an online shop through my blog, for the smaller items, so maybe your friend Ruby could get a keyring if she does like it!!

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