this weekend i… #TWI

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had a sewing lesson. On Friday, I spent the afternoon with Angie having a sewing date. We also drank lots of tea!

Sewing with @kingfamily. Good times!
Mammoth cup of tea #sewingdate
Yay! I made this! Thank you @angiekingfamily!!

I left the new tote bag on the back of the living room chair for Friday evening – part of me didn’t want to use it as much as I wanted to show it off!

This Weekend I… spent Saturday running round like a headless chook. I took Chris to the cash and carry then into work. I came home and got Our Sidekick ready for contact. I then went to the residential home that I was working out to serve lunch for my friend. Then jumped back in the car and came home for Our Sidekick to be dropped off. Then off to my Mum’s to work on some bits for her while she was away. Then I went home and sorted dinner for me and Our Sidekick. We then watched Doctor Who and Eurovision.

This Weekend I… got sick-er. By Saturday night I was really congested and felt rubbish. I got up Sunday morning and got straight back into bed, I wasn’t going anyway. It’s now Monday and I still feel pants but I can breathe now which is the main thing lol.

This Weekend I… spent nearly all day Sunday in bed watching Dawson’s Creek or trying to sleep. I tried knitting too but couldn’t get my stitches to behave – at one point I dropped one stitch and in the time I was trying to save it I managed to drop half my other stitches. Back to crocheting squares for now.

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