this weekend i… #twi

This Weekend I...

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

this weekend i… started my weekend at my Mum’s doing bits again then went to serve lunch at the residential home as this weekend was mad for other bookings.

this weekend i… well we took Our Sidekick over to MK for the second part of his birthday present. He regularly jokes about driving (usually when Chris and I are discussing who’s turn it is to drive somewhere etc) and so when my Mum handed me the leaflet and suggested it a while back I decided it would be a good present for him. I think Chris and I were more excited about the whole thing that Our Sidekick but he got to ride in the front seat of “Foster Grandad’s” car both ways so I think that made up for some of it! We took lots of photos of Our Sidekick driving. I thought I’d taken a bunch on my phone but I think  I ended up taking loads on my Mum’s. I just have this one……Our Sidekick was getting instructions from his instructor about positioning the chair, which pedal was which and how to adjust the mirrors. I loved the idea and just wished it had been around when I was younger – I think I’d have probably freaked out at the idea of being able drive a car in my teens (In a way one up on my friends!) but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it anyway. You can find out more information at Young Driver.

Young Driver

this weekend we… went to the Cash ‘n’ Carry on our way through Milton Keynes for dishwasher tablets (how exciting!). We headed to Marston Forest Centre on our way home with the idea that we could have our picnic there but when we got to the car park gate it said that the car park closes at 6pm so we decided to head for Priory Marina in Bedford. On our way we went along the Embankment – the idea being that we’d only do it once but then we turned round and my Dad parked up so we could have a proper look at the Yarn Bombing – especially after the little squeal I let out when I saw my knitting wrapped around a lamp post!

lamp post tree

2013-06-08 18.13.40

this weekend we… then headed to the marina for our picnic – it was actually really cold and I sat in my waterproof jacket to try and keep myself warmer even though it wasn’t raining! WHO ATE THE SUMMER?!?! Can it arrive already please? I still have my winter jumpers out because the weather can’t make up it’s mind!

this weekend we… went to the Castle Quarter fair following church. My lovely friend Debbie from Naive Art by Debbie Newnham and Judit from Monster Yarns both had stalls at the fair. I stopped past Judit’s stand like 3 times – mainly just to drool over the yarn! She has such amazing stock. (She’s currently hosting a competition – Just create a knitted or crocheted monster by the 1st August – £30-50 gift vouchers for Monster Yarns are on offer for the winners in three categories!)

ICE Colourway Wool - White and Blue


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