this weekend i… #twi

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… was very good and did chores – I even used the crazy jump in heat this weekend to get the washing drying outside instead of tumble drying it all. In fact I’m almost up to date thanks to the weather.

This Weekend I… served fish and chips at the oldies home again. This time they were discussing alcohol and what they like to drink – it was quite funny given that on Thursday or Friday we’d been having a similar conversation at work (I think it was Friday as there was an outing planned).

This Weekend I… gave blood for the 14th time 🙂 My friend came with me again, she intended to give blood but again she couldn’t donate 🙁 Maybe third time lucky when we go later this year.

This Weekend I… spent some time with Our Sidekick, we just watched TV and chatted but that seems to be our thing.

This Weekend I… headed to church, we had a visiting speaker called Darren, he spoke about The Prodigal Son. Part of his talk was a quick sketch to tell the story and it was a one man show as he switched character for pretty much every line. The quote I took away from the talk was “You don’t have to be good enough for God. He will welcome you with open arms”. The summary of the story is that a father has two sons, his youngest son comes to him and demands that he has his share of his father’s money rather than wait to receive his inheritance after his dad dies. The father gives him the money and the son leaves for the big city. The son gains lots of friends and parties hard but eventually the money runs out and the friends stop calling. The son ends up working by taking care of pigs as he can’t get a job as anything else. He finally has an epiphany, even as a servant in his father’s house he’d have a better job, he decides to pack up and head home. He’s all ready to apologise to his Dad but while he’s along way off his Dad is running up the street to welcome him home, he grabs him and gives him a massive big bear hug. He says that his son was lost but now he’s found. Every time I hear the story I imagine that the father goes out every morning and every evening (and probably every lunch time!) to see if his son is coming home that particular day.

This Weekend I… dashed to the Sunday Suitcase Bazaar at the Burnaby Arms here in Bedford. I stopped by for a quick visit before dashing back into town for lunch. I grabbed a banoffee cupcake from the stand ran by Lucy of Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter and Liz from Little Red Welly. Our Sidekick had a Lemon cupcake and K had a chocolate cake. Our Sidekick decided that the icing was too lemony for his liking and so gave me the icing off the top of his cake 🙂 When he realised there was lemon curd at the bottom he got all disappointed as he’d given me the rest of the cake by that point too!

This Weekend I… dashed back to the The Fountain for lunch and then for the kick off session of the latest Alpha course. I did an Alpha course when I was about 13 or 14 so it’s kind of interesting to do it again.

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