This Week’s Meal Plan
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This Week's Meal Plan - image shows cherry tomatoes, some cut into halves along with basil leaves

In our house, Chris deals with writing the meal plan and then doing the shopping. We try to make sure we write the meal plan before we go shopping so that minimal (if any) food goes to waste. Since lockdown, we’ve been attempting to compost the vegetables and bits that can go on the compost heap rather than in the bin so this helps with wastage too. Chris writes the plan on Monday before going shopping int he evening so our meal plan runs Tuesday to Monday.

Where possible we had been freezing leftovers as homemade microwave meals on busy days when we were trying to squeeze in dinner between work and evening groups or meetings. Once lockdown happened we were often finding that more meals were ending up in the freezer but not always getting used so last week was “leftovers” week – we basically had a list of what needed to be used and made our way through it – I had meatballs and pasta twice in one week! (Not that I’m complaining it’s one of my favourites!). Some of this week’s meals were also either leftovers or thing we’d got in the freezer and hadn’t been used.

Tuesday – Pizza – Chris gets the pre-made bases when they are available in our local supermarket then he makes the toppings. When possible Jaxon will assist him to create something. This time we just had margarita (I think it was cheddar and mozzarella yum!)

Wednesday – Ribs with Chips and Broccoli – Not our usual fare but we were given the ribs by a friend so they’d gone in the freezer until we had use for them.

Thursday – Leftovers and Rice – I think this one is raid the freezer and see what comes out – I’ll have to update you with what we have when we get to dinner!

Friday – Frikadeller with Chips and Leftover Sauce – Frikadeller is something that Chris found in our local supermarket but also found when we were in Copenhagen. They are a type of meatball but the supermarket ones almost look like little burgers – so they work either in sandwiches like a cold burger (Although can be heated too) or like with this meal with chips.

Saturday – Jackets and Chilli – When Rex was born, our friends from church organised a meal rota for us for the first week or so, one of the meals that arrived was chilli with nachos and other bits. There was so much chilli that we froze some of it and have been working our way through it for other meals too. Definitely looked after with this meal!

Sunday – Gammon and Dauphinoise Potatoes – Both today and tomorrow’s meals come from the Everyday Gluten-Free* book by Nosh Books. We love the recipe books from Nosh Books as they are really easy to follow and really yummy food! Also, we often find that a recipe for 4 people can do the 3 of us and either 1 or 2 portions in the freezer for another day (This recipe can be found on page 182)

Monday – Sweet and Sour Pork Noodles – Another recipe from the Everyday Gluten-Free* book by Nosh Books. This one can be found on page 102. Chris will often add extra veg in with the noodle to make sure we’ve got more of our 5-a-day! This again is another where the leftovers can be frozen for another day.

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  1. katykicker says:

    Sounds like you’re going to be eating some delicious meals this week!

    Thank you for linking up. Really sorry I’m missing the meal plan this week but we’ve been unwell and the week just has run away with me. Normal service will resume next week!

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