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Usually when I write blog posts I do spend some time puzzling over what I’m going to write and I’ll go back and tweak it beyond believe sometimes to make sure that the pictures line up or that the headers look nice and things like that. Then I did two posts in the last couple of days that had kinda been half written and then were left in drafts – but I decided to post them anyway. I just did. I think I had reasons for just going ahead and doing it then at the same time I’m not so sure. Maybe I did it for a reaction (That so far hasn’t appeared) but at the same time maybe I didn’t.

I wanted to point out that I do actually like my job. I started here in 2008 and it was my proper real grown up left university job. I’d had a temp job and what I thought would be my proper real job (but that didn’t work out) and so starting here was my proper job. I struggled at first and I didn’t really enjoy it – I’d worked in Customer Service for about 4 years between a supermarket and a builders merchant. It wasn’t really something I wanted to be doing. I’d had dreams of finding my dream job and being good at it and the real world kicked in. I was taken on a temp contract to start with and I was trying to be fab. I was doing all basic stuff that I could pretty much do with my eyes closed hence why I don’t think I was happy, I wanted the dream job but it wasn’t really an option because I couldn’t afford to move London and I didn’t want to be commuting.

Now before you go “so what was your dream job?” I don’t think I really had any idea – I just thought that moving to London and being there would get me that job. Well anyway, I ended up staying here and 3 years later I’m still in the same job. And it’s like every job there are days I want to walk out and not stop until I reach my car in the car park, other days we have a laugh and I really enjoy my job. We had our meeting this morning and so it seems like that is all back on track now. We had a proper open heart to heart kind of thing and I said something that came out like I was colleague-bashing. I think she understood that it was just an example but she did disappear for a few minutes so I hope she hadn’t gone to have a weep or anything like that.

The day got better after that. I’d given in to temptation this morning and had breakfast which was fine but meant that by lunch I really wasn’t that hungry lol. At first I wasn’t clock watching for once so I only checked on the time when my Mum phoned me because she was having trouble with something that only I could help with, I realised that it was half past one and so if I wanted lunch I would have to go then and be back in half an hour. Well, I decided in the end just to get canteen sandwiches – I could always not have tea (or make tea if I was hungry by that point lol.)

I was chilling out in front of the TV watching Cherry’s Body Dilemmas when she interviewed a lovely girlie called Kirsty about body image etc. I spend so much time freaking out about how I look that I’m pretty sure that I don’t enjoy myself. I spend most of my teens years hiding behind baggy clothes, boys hoodies and baggy jeans because I wanted to the rock girlie (I think Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morrisette could have been my influences for this – at least they started it lol) I was too happy to be a goth that was for sure. I think I still hide behind baggy and oversized clothes because I often don’t fit in the size I’m supposed to be (I wear a UK 16 most of the time but I often have to buy an 18 because the t-shirt length isn’t long enough or on the other hand because I’ve gone up a size the neck line is too low and doesn’t cover my underwear.

Anyway so my point was that I was watching this show and then I went off to find Kirsty’s blog – with the wonders of the internet it wasn’t hard. You can read her blog here.


On a more focused note, I saw this tweet earlier:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/beccaspeaks/status/107098980005056514″]

So I went to have a look at all the information. The lovely Mrs Thrifty of A Thrifty Mrs UK  is hosting an awesome giveaway.


Clothing isn’t the only vintage-ness you can bring into your life. You can get second hand furniture and make it into something new and fab and of course that’s where the giveaway comes in. The giveaway is to win a 2.5L tin in the colour of your choice from Crown’s Vintage range (so the colours above!) You can go to her blog here and see the conditions and the info about entries and things like that (it’s UK only). This finishes on 2nd September.

As if that wasn’t enough! Sarah at Sunlight After Rain and Sarah at [Life of Love] are hosting a joint giveaway. Team work!! (Yes I would like to win both giveaways! lol) You can go to either of the links and follow the instructions for the giveaway. This one finishes on the 3rd September.

I need to add this as well – it’s not really relevant to the above post but I need to record it for future reference

“feeling very loved. Chris set the TV to record various sets from Reading and Leeds this weekend. So far The Vaccines and Noah and the Whale have appeared on the recorded TV list – there are others on there too. He recorded some of V last weekend too! He’s so fabbity! Then again he might not actually be able to read this until tomorrow as he’s having phone difficulties (which will hopefully be fixed by my act of service – with some help from Mr and Mrs C!!! Thank you.”

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