Thoughts from the Preschool Run (Part One)

Due to the location of Jaxon’s preschool to our house, it’s generally easier to catch the bus. Although it’s actually probably quicker to walk. Although it also means that I arrived over 15 minutes early for collection. But if I was to wait for the next bus I would be nearly 10 minutes late – fun times!

So while I’m sat on a bench in the park next door to preschool. I thought I’d pass the time by writing a bolg post of sorts.

Today and one more session this week then I think Jaxon breaks up for Easter. I probably need to check that before I try to bring him on a wrong day or miss a session because I thought it was the holidays. One of our church groups finishes this week for the Easter break. Then because of how Easter falls amongst other bits we don’t go back until nearly the end of April.

Chris has asked also if I’ll go to collect the visa applications for the Crazy African Adventure in the Summer. Jaxon refused to go in the carrier this morning so that could be a real challenge taking him to London without the buggy if he won’t go in that. It crossed my mind to see if I could get a babysitter for the afternoon but I don’t know what time I will be back and Chris is working a later shift so might be back after me. Will have to see and juggle the day! Either way, need to make sure I pack a packed lunch tonight for Jaxon to eat on the train (or with his babysitter if I manage to get someone).

Right, it’s time to go. Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Miserables is playing on my iPhone and I might start singing along!

Tata for now.

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