{Travel Thursday: No 2}

Travel Thursday

Travel Thursday: The worst/most disappointing place you have visited

When Chris and I went to Amsterdam we stopped over in Harwich at a B and B from the Saturday through to the Monday morning when our ferry was going across the North Sea. The lady who owned the B+B was lovely and helpful, the bed was comfortable enough for two nights but outside of that there wasn’t that much to do. The B+B was in Dovercourt which is part of Harwich.

Having handed in my dissertation, turned 21 and got married in the space of about two weeks by the Sunday after the wedding it caught up with me I was exhausted. We wandered through the town trying to find a newsagent so that we could sort some lunch and get some painkillers. Justr trying to get my brain to focus on anything other than the pain was really too much effort! I think we did try to find something to do but there really wasn’t anything to do –I guess we could have caught the train (or walked lol) up to Harwich itself to see what there was. Sunday afternoon we caught the little ferry from Harwich over to Felixstowe to see one of Chris’s college friends – yeah I know kinda random on our honeymoon but actually it gave us something to do for the afternoon. Either way unless we were getting the Ferry again we wouldn’t necessarily go to Harwich again.

Maybe the locals would say different, this is just what I experienced.

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    • Hannie says:

      Yes it did – thankfully lol. We got the ferry on the Monday morning – I slept most of the way and then when we got to Amsterdam there was so much to do we probably need to go back again one day lol.

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