{Travel Thursday: No 5}

Travel Thursday

Travel Thursday: Your Favourite Restaurant You Have Visited

I’m sorry I think we’re back on Amsterdam again but before we go there I’m going to rave about the Pizza Hut in London. When me and Chris stayed at that B+B I mentioned in last weeks Travel Thursday, we went to find a Pizza Hut because we knew it wouldn’t be too expensive but would fill us up. We headed up to Leicester Square and that direction as we figured there would be one nearby. We eventually found one in Haymarket (with help from smart phones I think!) Well Chris is kinda a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to his pizza – it’s gotta be just right lol. His opinion of Pizza Hut was based on the two branches we used to have in Bedford (we’re down to one now). Well we were floored our waiter was so helpful, when he finished his shift in the middle of our meal, he brought over his replacement and introduced him and said that he was taking over etc. He went out the back to grab his coat etc. When he came back our table he realised our glasses were empty so he put his coat on and went and got us refills – every time we go to London and we’re in the neighbourhood (and even when we’re not because London seems all squished together) and we need tea or lunch we often head to that Pizza Hut because everytime we’ve been they have been lovely and incredibly helpful even when they are busy.

Anyhoo so after that my close favourite if not my number 1 outside of the UK is Wok 2 Walk – plain and simply it’s a genius idea. You decide what meat/veggie option you want and then like Subway you decide what noodles you want, want vegetables you want and what sauce and then they cook it for you – you can get it on a plate and eat in store or grab your takeaway chopsticks and your box and head out. Often when we stayed in store people share tables as they are long wooden ones – kinda like you’d expect in a banquet hall (actually they reminded me of the really long tables in Harry Potter but chopped down in to dining room size). I just found out from the website that there is one in London – might have to see if the experience is just as good this side of the North Sea lol.

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