{Travel Thursday: No 8}

Travel Thursday

Your Funniest Travel Experience

Anything with a youth group I think lol. In 2002 I went to Festival Manchester with the youth group I was part of, on the first day one of the lads in the tent next door to us decided to try bin surfing – it was one of those big industrial bins that they have in some businesses and he decided to try and use it like a giant skateboard. The stewards weren’t too impressed and he got told off but it was too funny and so were doing our best not to laugh because he was in trouble but couldn’t help it because it was funny.

Next, Turkey – on the last day of the drop I thought I’d show off and did a divebomb into the pool – this was the good bit but then I hit the water. It was so cold! Well I went to get out as quick as I could only to realise that two of the younger girls had jumped in after me and were now freaking out in the pool because it was so cold so rather than get myself out I swam to get them and then to the side – I’m pretty sure my toes were frozen by that point. The others in our group thought it was hilarious and looking back it was funny because of how dumb I was – I knew the water could be cold like it had been all week but who cared I was showing off lol.

Last story – two years ago when I was still a youth group leader we took the young people to a camp site near London and camped there for a week. The video above was when we were setting up – our friend decided that going round the site like that was better than putting his tent up properly. Chris had taken his karaoke stuff with him to use the speakers etc for film night. Karaoke also became a feature of the week so we did Karaoke Roulette. You don’t know what song you’re singing until it comes up on the screen – we got some really silly entries but the nicest one was when Chris sang Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s. Then again we had some interesting interpretations of things like Livin’ On a Prayer and Summer of ’69.

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