Two Frogged Projects in One Night

It got drastic on the knitting front.

If you follow me on Instagram (or have had a listen to Episode 1 of In A Tangle) then you know that my goal was to finish the projects that I had already started and tucked away.

One was a Christmas present and the other was the Starflanket. Now my Starflanket wasn’t in the plan, I hadn’t planned to do any more WestKnits projects until Shawlography was finished and yet the other morning I found myself casting it on, I got back from church on Sunday and finished the i-cord cast on (I always feel like I should write it like it’s an Apple product… iCord – which seems rather appropriate given the news about phone charges and USB-C).

So the Christmas present wasn’t going right. Something was a amiss and I couldn’t find the issue so in the end I had to frog it all and start again. Thankfully my alternative starts with a tubular cast on and setup rows so the rib section around the neck is growing again.

Starflanket was giving me a headache though. I’d got part 1 done, I was ploughing through part 2, then I went to join part 3 and it just wasn’t right. I tweaked, I attempted to somehow hack it a bit and hope for the best but no, it was not right. My increase was on the wrong side which meant it was just not right. By the end of the music quiz on Tuesday, it had had it. It needed to be pulled back all the way to the i-Cord cast on and then work my way back through again. Not get distracted mid-row. Not try to hack it and hope. Just get it right and go from there.

So I’m back to one of these projects being on the go, but it definitely gives me a story for the next In A Tangle episode…