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Hannah is 29

Following dinner on Sunday I was allowed to open my birthday presents as Chris would be very busy in the morning trying to sort out various things before going to catch a train to an important appointment. Our Sidekick also would need to get up for school in the morning.

Mystery Package

I started with the mystery package that had arrived on Friday evening. There was no return address so I had no idea who it was from either.

I opened the card first and nearly sprinkled a whole heap of sparkly star confetti into my lap. I realised after the first five or ten stars landed in my lap so I very carefully opened it the remainder of the way. The actual package was a bag of balls of wool. Some where new and some had been used but the colours are lovely. Three different colours with sparkly bits in them. The mystery package was from Rickie and Tim.

This combined with my present from Judit that I had received on Thursday at knitting group. It was bag of wool and a Katia knitting pattern book.

From my parents, I got two crochet books (which had been on my Wishlist I believe), along with two VW Campervan planters for the garden and a book called Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity, from DIY and Knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0 – I think Chris said – it was me in a book title!

I received a “facial in a box” kit from my in laws too – think I need to put Chris on boy duty and look myself in the bathroom for the evening!

Victoria Sponge made by Chris

My Grandparents popped round after church to deliver my present and some flowers for me which were really lovely. The flowers are now on the kitchen table. Chris had been making cakes for work and my Grandsd commented how he’d be round for cake on Monday. Well apparently Chris decided that it wasn’t fair him making all the cakes for work while I didn’t have a cake of my own for my birthday. He mad a Victoria Sponge with buttercream and jam filling. So bad and not on plan but so worth it. Chris made it for me rather than a mass produced supermarket cake. Yummy! 

Monday morning didn’t go to plan. It was supposed to be a sort of relaxing start to the day, or at least relaxing as it can be when a nine and half month old. In the end I had to take Our Sidekick to school via Chris’s work and still make it back to church to meet my friend for the Baby Brasserie. 
I made it with time to spare in fact. I fed Jaxon his breakfast which also didn’t go to plan as one of the jars of fruit based stuff that I’d brought with me had smashed in the lunchbag so Jaxon ended up with Bolognese for breakfast. Not ideal but there we go. I did learn on a documentary that cereal for breakfast is a modern construction and our breakfast previously would have been closer to what we get on a continental breakfast with ham and cheese and things like that. 

Following the group I headed to my Mum’s house to put Jaxon down for a nap and do some work using her internet connection. At this point I was under the impression that Mum and I were going out for lunch once Jaxon had had his nap and possibly his lunch. Shortly after Jaxon woke from his nap Chris arrived on his way home from work. I guess that was strange in a way but given it wasn’t a normal day for him anyway because of the appointment he had to attend I didn’t question it. 

About 2pm we were discussing about feeding Jaxon and what needed to be done and things like that when the doorbell rang. It had been going on and off all the time I had been there between a client dropping by, the postman delivering the normal mail and then the courier delivering packages too. 

I jumped up to get the door, I opened it and said hello but hadn’t entirely clocked who was stood on the doorstep. 

I looked up and saw the balloons and then it registered. 

At this point I had a little cry. I promise they were happy tears (you know like you cry when they reveal the house in Extreme Makeover). 


Hannah had driven down from Mansfield to Bedford especially to surprise me. What a superstar! 

We went out for lunch at Brewer’s Fayre. I don’t think we stopped talking the whole time she was here! Jaxon came with us to lunch and Hannah fed him while I sorted our order and got our drinks. 

Jaxon and the best Honarary Auntie in the World

When we got home at about half past four we were expecting the Social Worker round. Having had this surprise I hadn’t actually been able to rearrange it or anything like that. Hannah was so lovely though, so Chris and I could meet with the Social Worker, Hannah took Jaxon in the kitchen and gave him his tea. There was impromptu dancing to the radio too once tea was finished. That’s best friends for you. They muck in and help when needed. 

All in all this was an amazing birthday. I thought I was going to spend all day with my Mum and maybe we’d have takeaway or something like that for tea and then all this happened. Am so feeling the love now! 

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  1. Hannah says:

    It was my pleasure – what a chore it was to have cuddles and giggles with Jaxon! BLESSED more like! Thank you for letting me gate crash your day and sorry I didn’t tell you but given the response I think you liked it! Hehe. Glad you felt loved because you ARE loved! Xxx

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