So now it’s Sunday. After Thursday it was decided that I was going to go on the residential and I’m kinda glad for it! Chris has arrived home about 5ish and since then he’s slept for like 4 hours – I’ve been and woken him up three times and he’s still sleeping I think – I’m a little worried that he’ll not be able to sleep when I need to go to sleep or he’ll wake up in the morning like a bear with a sore head for over sleeping! 

I went to swimming with Essie and Abster yesterday which was seriously cool. I sat on the sidelines and looked after the girlie that wasn’t in the pool – I would have loved to have been able to join in the swimming fun actually in the water but it was good watching from the outside anyway! Essie is getting the strength in her legs now and can hold herself up with a little assistance to keep her balance – I can’t wait for her to start crawling and walking it’s going to be soooo cool!

Mum and Dad came and picked me up from Karen’s – it then took us nearly an hour to get from Karen’s across town to the supermarket (well the dry cleaners next door) then home to my parents – I can normally do that in under 30 minutes (maybe about 20) on a good day but it was a Saturday and like 6 weeks before Christmas. 

I then hung out at Mum and Dads for most of the afternoon apart from when we came back to my flat to hang the new curtains that me and Mum bought earlier in the week (early Christmas present). We need to put the thermal linings on the back of them to keep the heat in and the cold out. And keep the costs down – btw I need to go put my Save-A-Flush Freddie in the toilet. The Save-A-Flush Freddie is a bag of silica and some other stuff that absorbs water – the bag then swells up and helps reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet. I’ve just been to put it in and we have a plastic bottle in there doing the same job. So instead I am going to put it in my Mum’s toilet! hehe!

So then I hung out with my brother playing computer games and stuff like that – My brother had to kill me like 15 times in a row to complete some task on his XBox – I am very tempted to save up for an Xbox tbh – I do like some of the games but there seems to be miles more shoot em ups than anything else so I’m wondering if it’s worth the money.

This morning I had said my alarm to go to church but I was really sidetracked and would have prefered to stay in bed and read the book that Mrs C lent me.

It’s called Identity and is about knowing who you are in God.

I decided that although I was going to be late I really should get up and go to church. I walked to church and just arrived just before half past so I wasn’t too late. 

Today it was about Climate Change next week it’s about Fair Trade. 

After church I sat in the worship area and just sat there. Two of the ladies came to pray with me. With everything happening this week I need to feel a bit togetherness. I then went to play with Essie and Abster again – Abster was being chased lots by Lambkin so I just played with Essie while Mrs W chatted to other people about the service next week.

After church Me, Mrs W, Essie, Abster and The Murf went to lunch at Pastor Mow Mow’s – which was fab we had Spaghetti Bolognese. It was lovely!!!!

At about 2:30pm I went back round to church to do craft bits for the stand at the Victorian Fair on the 13th December in town. Me and Mum have signed up to do a two hour slot on the day – which will be cool. 

At about 4ish the young people arrived back and I went out to meet them. I stood in the middle of the road (making sure there were no cars coming!) and shouted at the youth group “Who’s going to give me a hug?” and Charlie ran straight at me and gave me a hug! It was really cute lol. I then hugged like 4 more people including Mrs Mow Mow before hugging CJ! I don’t think he was too impressed but I did give him the opportunity! lol. 

After that I went back into church and finished my bits off while CJ packed stuff away. We then came home and I’ve been parked in front of my Mac for most of the evening while CJ has napped.

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