{Weekend To Do: What I Did}

Well I think my weekend was kinda productive – I probably could have done better but did most of it. That was good right?

1. Finish the washing (looking like 5 or 6 loads maybe 7 total).

Actually did manage most of this – there is still another load to do but I ran out of Saturday and then Sunday was just too busy to do any.

2. Tidy the bedroom (this might make the above close to 10 loads lol).

It’s still kinda messy but at least all the clothes have been tidied away so that’s a good start – the floor is clear!

3. Finish the homemade skirt.

Finish all except the bottom hem/taking it up a bit – I finished the waistband and tried it on only to realise it was still nearly on my feet rather than close to knee length – Mum is helping me with this at some point.

4. Finishing reading Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronivitch.

Still working on this – I started Chapter 8 last night.

5. Sort some tea (might delegate this to Chris)

I dealt with this – we got sandwiches from the petrol station on the way to church – yep that was tea lol. So complicated.

6. Watch new Doctor Who episode (6.45pm this evening)

This took two attempts, I went and played in band from 7:15 til 9 I then went to my Mum’s watched the first half an hour (ish) of Doctor Who then went back to church for the second slot at 10. I then watched the second half yesterday afternoon after all the craziness had happened.

7. Be at church for 7:15pm (Yep Doctor Who will have to be watched later).

Did this 🙂

8. Go to the Prayer Meeting

I stayed from 8 til 9 and then from 10ish to 11ish.

9. Remember to drink some water rather than get dehydrated lol

I drank like a pint of squash in one go I was that thirsty at one point – oh dear!


    • Hannie says:

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 That’s what I was trying to do after being ill last weekend – otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted the days where I don’t have work

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