What a Week-ish! Pt 2

28th April
So this was the epic day of the week that was going to throw everything else off – my friend Dave moved up north to live in the same town as his fiance. We were sat around chatting a few weeks ago about when he was leaving and how he was getting there. He asked his Mum if she could take him but she already had stuff that needed to be done. I said to him that I already had the time off – if he shouted the petrol then I would drive him.

So we load the car and off we go. The journey up was fine – it was a bit busy around Birmingham but other than that it was good – we got there and Dave’s Fiance had cooked us lunch – she made pie but not just any pie she made the pastry herself! She gets a gold star for effort – she sat there apologising that she didn’t think it had come out right – well she was so wrong! It was yummy yummy! I drove Dave round to his new house and we unloaded the car.

I then drove the hour and a half to the motorway – I decided to pull over in Sutton-in-Ashfield which is the town across from Kewey’s house – I grabbed a sandwich at the supermarket and texted Kewey about saying hi – she didn’t reply at first so I texted her boyf to see if she was okay as it seemed kinda strange that she hadn’t replied. He then sorted with Kewey’s Mum about me popping round – I surprised Kewey and I think I made her day – or at least made it a bit better.

I hung out there for about an hour while we fixed the TV (so that they could record the wedding while Kewey’s sister was at work) I then drove the rest of the way home. I had a bit of a moment about petrol around Leicester – it was a little expensive to pay for motorway petrol but at the same time I didn’t have enough fuel or energy to divert to a supermarket – I paid the extra for the motorway fuel and got on with it – I needed to get home.

29th April
Well guess what I did – like a lot of the country I watched the wedding. I hadn’t been that excited about the wedding – that was until about 9am on Friday morning and they started talking about the coverage. Kate looked amazing – the sweetest moment was when Harry looks down the aisle and looks at Kate, he then turns to Will and says something about how pretty she looks. As Kate gets to the altar at the front Will turns to her and says something like “You’re Beautiful”. I kinda wanted Will to look down the aisle at Kate and you’d get that look (you know the one they talk about in 27 Dresses – yes I am one of those people – I look at the groom to see how he reacts then I turn to look at the Bride to see how gorgeous she looks) and that reaction but I guess there was protocol and all those things.

30th April
Today I was helping Mum and Chris with the Fountain stand at the St Cuthbert’s Family Festival. After setting up we needed a battery and I needed to go and collect my phone (it had been sent of for repairs). I got the battery and headed for the phone store. I got there and the guy was just opening – it was about 9:04am I was the first customer of the day. The guy went and got my phone and explained that they’d replaced the handset – well that was better than expected – I half thought that they would be really difficult and send back my old handset and say that there wasn’t anything that could be done. Well that made my day – less than 5 months into my contract and I have a new handset – awesome good good!

I walked back to the stand while trying to move over music and things like that – Palm Pre is rubbish for sending stuff via Bluetooth that’s for sure. I kept trying to transfer stuff and take photos but without my SD card it just wasn’t happy. It was good fun even though me and Mum felt like we were at a bit of a loose end for most of the day. It was kinda cold through the morning as we were in the shade and then in the afternoon when we moved to the otherside of the street we were baking.

This evening we went to see Laura in a performance of Honk! It was awesome but so geeky how I remembered the songs even though it was like 10 years ago that I was in the production at school.


Both me and Serena ended up with no battery so in the middle of the bar at the theatre I switched my SIM card so that we could get the map on my phone to be able to get out of Cambridge.

1st May
This morning I played in the band at church (although I hadn’t been around for practice on Thursday). It’s probably the wrong word to use but it just seemed like our “mojo” was missing. Paul preached on John 21 – breakfast on the beach. (See I was listening even if I was doodling lol)

After church I went to hang out with Mrs W and the Little One in the creche – we chatted about how she (Mrs W) was doing as these last few weeks didn’t quite go to plan but it seems to all be back on track – or at least getting there anyway!

I then went and played my guitar for a bit in the church as Chris was catching up with various people. Paul came in to chat to me about how I was doing – two Sundays ago he lent me a book called His Image My Image by Josh McDowell. It’s not something I would have picked up myself but if the Pastor thinks that I should read it I figure it’s going to be worth the read. I’m about half way through. We also talked about all the craziness that’s happening with trying to get the Fountain up and running.

After lunch I had been watching DVDs but during one of them I started dozing off – in the end I went up to bed and slept for about an hour, Chris came in to tell me he was off to church for the youth group. I dozed off again – woke up around 6 and decided I really ought to get up again – well the mind was willing but the body wasn’t I fell asleep again – I woke up at 6:45 and decided that even if I just sat in front of the TV I really needed to get out of bed otherwise I wouldn’t sleep through the night.

Finished Reading One Day by David Nicholls today.

2nd May
I’m kinda glad for the nap I had yesterday afternoon – I woke up at 3am – I mean like bolt awake as if it was morning or something and then I couldn’t go back to sleep. I guess I had a bad dream or something but I don’t remember it I just remember being awake and realising the time lol.

We had a BBQ for mine and Kam’s birthday. It was so much fun! Bex made us a joint cake and it was amazing – the people were so realistic.


3rd May
So then we get back to today, I was back at work which was fine but spent the morning feeling a bit spaced out and trying to get my brain back into gear and get

I went out for a run this evening – if that’s what you could call it. I came back and after I’d caught my breathe and grabbed a shower I set about playing with the stats and things like that.

While I was sat here I found a plug in that would display my stats here on my blog – technically I’ve only done one run because the first was o.o3km wandering round the house to have a play.

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