What I Don’t Get…..

Again I started commenting on someone’s blog and my thoughts got away with me.

My friend Rickie posted a list of “12 Things I Don’t Get But Everyone Else Loves” and most of them I agree that I don’t have the foggiest why people like or even love some of the things – but there are some that I do really like (and even then I don’t have any idea why I do lol)

1. Glee
I love Glee – and to be honest I don’t get why people like it anyway lol. It’s like High School Musical in multiple parts lol. I think it appeals to my Musical Theatre-ness and therefore I like it by default or something lol.

2. The Gaga Woman
I don’t get her AT ALL. I can see that the flamboyant-ness kind comes maybe from David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and maybe even someone like Grace Jones but I still don’t get her. There’s a video on YouTube of her performing as Stephanie Germanotta – rather than her Lady Gaga persona and she looks like a normal girl next door. She has brown hair and is sat behind a piano. I guess to become famous she had to create the persona so that she lost that “Girl Next Door” look. I have two of her songs on my iPod but they are covers by other people rather than her originals lol. (Bad Romance and Poker Face as covered by the cast of Glee – usually Poker Face is the only one that gets played)

3. Reality TV, especially when it features famous people I have never heard off
I used to watch Big Brother – semi-religiously at first it was funny to see all these people semi trapped in this strange world but after Cameron won in about 2004 (maybe I’m guessing) I stopped watching it, it was going down hill and was loosing it’s novelty and now – what’s the point? I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – again is really not my cuppa – what’s the point to it now?

4. Wanting to be famous for no apparent reason; ’Stars’ spawned from talent shows: Jedward, JLS et all. Talent shows are great for comics, magicians and variety show entertainers but I like my rock n roll via the traditional ‘practised for years in the back bedroom’ route
I would say that at least three quarters of the music that I listen to was written/recorded before I was born. Yesterday morning I listened to Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn and Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T-Rex on the way to work and felt like that was a good trip. A lot of the music now sounds so similar and doesn’t have the longevity that older music seems to have. If I ever get famous, I’d rather be famous for a good reason like because I achieved something big or made a difference in the world, rather than just because I was pretty or because I could sing (okay I can hold a tune and belt out at Karaoke but I can’t hit a money note like Leona Lewis or write creatively like Regina Spektor.) So for now I play Bass in the Church Band and sing in the other one and we’ll go from there.

5. Slebs I have never heard of (i.e. the ex-spouses of slebs I have barely heard off)
After Doctor Who on Saturday me and a friend were discussing Doctor Who and what could have been (I thought a twist where Amy gets slightly muddled and somehow the Doctor ends up as her Groom and Rory has just disappeared would be interesting). We then some how got onto how Matt Smith and Karen Gillen are a really cute couple – this led us on to if they had offscreen partners – then I asked who is Daisy Lowe (Matt’s Girlfriend) apparently she’s a model or something like that – I think this answers the point. I’m so not into celebrity I can just about name films stars and what they’ve been in but other than that spouses/partners etc doesn’t really bother me too much.

6. Harry Potter
Again no idea lol. I read all the books while I was at Upper School (and maybe while I was at uni). I was strange enough to go to the Midnight release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows here in Bedford (and then spent a lot of the day reading the book) but I was a teenager and was a strange being even then. Actually no I wasn’t a teenager because That Boy stood in the queue with me and we walked back to No 90. Therefore that means I was 21 because I was married.
If you think I’m strange for that, I can top it there are actual bands in the USA who write Harry Potter themed music. A few are below with links:

All Caps,
The Parselmouths,
The Moaning Myrtles,
Harry and the Potters
The Ministry of Magic
The Owl Post
The Whomping Willows

(I’m tired and it’s still kinda hot – I’ll be back with links tomorrow)

7. Gok Wan and the like. Why do so many suddenly need help with what they wear? Everyone wants to be on TV, even the badly dressed and supposedly lacking in confidence but going on TV to tell the world, they can do that no problem.
I prefered Trinny and Susannah but that was years ago – I think it’s had its day right? Gok Wan is kinda cool – I like the show where he recreates a catwalk look on a high street budget but other than that I don’t really get it.

8. Cheryl Cole
This relates to the above thing about people being famous via reality shows and talents shows. She does have talent and has managed to go above and beyond her talent show roots but without that talent show she wouldn’t have been famous in the first place.

9. British cupcakes. They are fairy cakes with more cream. Lovely as they are and eat them I will, but they are not cupcakes. Can’t we just leave something British?
Last Weds we discussed the ins and outs and the differences between a cupcake a muffin and a fairy cake lol. See Connect Group has it’s uses lol. I think if I ever make it to the USA my first stop is going to be a proper bakery for a proper USA style cupcake. I have a cupcake recipe book at home but they are still glorified fairy cakes rather than cupcakes.

10. Vampire shows
I used to watch Buffy – it was on at 6pm on weekday nights – we’d watch it on a Wednesday before Star Trek and then talk about it on Thursday at school. Then there was Angel – which was pretty much a spin off. I watched Interview With The Vampire with my best friend. Kirsten Dunst was kinda creepy in that!

Then we ended up with this whole new breed of Vampire Stories. Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood (there are also some other teenage fiction books that have appeared on the back of Twilight) I’ve read all the Twilight books (apart from Midnight Sun and Bree Tanner – they are on my TBR list)

11. Watching football in pubs. I need to watch it on my own and without discussion or shouting at the man in black. I also want to watch it sober and when there is a major match on, no man is more important than the 22 on the pitch.
I watched the England match at church this weekend but was sat at the back next to the plug socket in the breeze that was coming through the open door rather than really watching the match.

12. iPhone / iPad I love gadgets and new technology so if a new & improved version of the iPad comes out that doesn’t show up finger prints on the screen in a couple of years, no doubt I’ll be forced to buy one. Similarly if the iPhone manages to reduce it’s seemingly 1000s of apps so that the battery lasts more than the reported 37 minutes of continuous use, that would be a deal maker too.
I agree on the iPad thing – it is a lot of money for something that isn’t really compatible with other bits and pieces – like how do you run a presentation? If my Macbook dies (please hoping it doesnt) then I would be replacing it with a new macbook rather than an ipad because of the amount of things that I do on my MacBook that I can’t do on the iPad (Although it is very nice and if someone offered to buy me one I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it)

Also as nice as the iPhone is and it would have been cool to be there on release day there are still so many bugs – my brothers friend upgraded and I bought his old iPhone – it’s doing me fine – I have found it more reliable than my BB thats for sure. (Even in the two days that i’ve been back on an iPhone)


  1. Erin says:

    Oh, I hear you on the vampire thing. I SO do not get it. I barely was able to force myself to finish the first Twilight book, and I only did becasue my husband bought it for me because he had heard such good things (this was when it was just getting big and hadn’t yet hit the current level of insanity), so I felt like I should finish it because he was so sure I’d like it. I didn’t.

    Harry Potter, on the other hand, I totally get. LOVE Harry Potter. Not to the level that I’ll dress in costume and wait in line for days to be the first one in the theatre, but I do love it.

    I read somewhere that Lady Gaga, pre-Gaga, looks so much like Amy Winehouse that she had to cultivate a new image to get noticed. And boy did she. Evidently she considers herself a “performance artist” and not a pop star, which is where she gets off doing all the weird stuff she does. Personally, I find her music to be super-catchy. “Bad Romance” is one of my favorite recent songs. I do like the “Glee” cover of it, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the “Glee” cover of “Poker Face” — I’m okay with most of it, but when you slow down the “p-p-p-p-p-p” part it sounds silly to me.

    • Hannie says:

      It’s not so much that I don’t get it – I can see about the Twilight books and why it might appeal to some people but I don’t get the hype thats exploded from it, why there is so many other series that have jumped on the bandwagon.

      Harry: I do love Harry Potter too – and if I was going with friends and they wanted to dress up then I would be there too. (My old school tie is the same colours as Gryffindor as my friend at church goes to that school now).

      Lady Gaga: I say probably more like Gabriella Climi than Amy Winehouse but I do agree she was more mainstream before.

  2. VetTech says:

    Glee – a show about letting your freak flag fly…boring suburban high school freaks. I fast forward through any non-singing parts.

    GaGa – liked her better when she was David Bowie.

    Reality TV – great for making yourself feel better because you aren’t on them. Amazing Race is still pretty awesome

    Famous for no reason – see above.

    Harry Potter – The books were awesome and got an entire generation to read..so it’s a good thing. The movies were so much better when they were about younger kids.

    • Hannie says:

      You are right Glee is about letting your freak flag fly but who cares. Everyone is different right?

      Harry – I agree it did get a whole generation reading and thats a good thing.

  3. Serena says:

    I’ve gotta say…I love “The Gaga Woman”. I think she’s brave for putting on her ‘persona’ and she sings fun-to-sing-along-to songs…
    Glee…I’ve never seen. So shoot me 😮

    • Hannie says:

      I think she’s brave – I agree with that. I live in trousers and whenever I wear a skirt to work I get the mickey taken out of me lol.

      Glee – if you have chance watch some 😀

  4. Rickie says:

    Thank you so much for your point of view!

    Harry Potter themed bands???? I have absolutely heard it all now!

    Not that I have ever seen these shows – just don’t like idea of them.
    But if I watched every single TV show before I decided I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t actually do anything else.

    • Hannie says:

      Yup there are Harry Potter themed bands. There is also a Doctor Who themed band called Chameleon Circuit.

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