what i’ve been doing…..

This week is pretty much about being at home and spending as little money as possible while I’m not really earning it.

Then again tomorrow it’s Alpha and we’re serving dinner and at some crazy point last week I got really excited about being able to make Pineapple Upside Down cake and volunteered myself (mental note DON’T DO IT CRAZY LOON!)

I think I have some idea of what I’m doing and I had done it at my job as a Kitchen Assistant so it shouldn’t be too hard and I should be able to do it. I think it’s the other extra bits that are going to complicate matters but it’ll be fine!

So what’s new today that I didn’t know say 24 hours ago…..

Well, Chris is currently having his hair dyed – a few weeks ago he decided that having it shaved into a mohican was a really great idea (cue me with the hair clippers nervously cutting off his hair!). Dying it was also an idea but we decided that we would leave that due to certain important events in the lead up to the actual dying date. He’s had it dyed blond so that it’s lighter than his light brown hair. He’s now waiting for the crazy surprise colour to take. I do hope it works other wise it might look really nuts.

No forget that it does look nuts already! Then again it is like a chemistry set on his head.

This evening before the hair dying escapades kicked into full swing, I was at a friend’s house helping her son with some of his studies – ICT is driving him a little  bananas and he needed some help. We ended up discussing career choices and things like that – he’s interested in computing and building computers but at the same time he’s not sure really what he wants to do. I’m sure he’ll find it in the end but come the beginning of next academic year conversations about A Levels will start and it’ll help if he’s got some idea what he wants to do and where he wants to go next. I might have to revise some of the stuff he learning to make sure that I can point him in the right direction – I guess this is a case of things happen for a reason. So what qualifications do I need to officially be a tutor? I guess a PGCE or something like that would help but then again maybe it’s not the way to go.

Part two of my #birthday present from my brother. What to read? This, the current book I'm reading or something else!

My brother texted me earlier to see if I was at home as he had something to drop off. He appeared a little while later on his way home from work and delivered this. It was the second part of my birthday present. I’ve been a Dan Brown fan since I read The Da Vinci Code and the others (I think I preferred Digital Fortress) but I’m not sure whether to start this one straight away – I’m in the middle of a couple of books and finish those first would more than likely be better – especially as I was given three other books for my birthday and I haven’t started those yet!

I’ve been watching Dawson’s Creek – it was one of those shows that I watched here and there but I think it clashed with church on Sunday mornings so I only really got to see it when we were home at the right times or if it was repeated during the school holidays. The version that is on Netflix though has a different title song – I always thought that “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole was the theme tune but in some airings it’s this other song which is “Run Like Mad” by Jann Arden (I definitely prefer Paula’s song – also the editing is really bad sometimes……)

I’ve been given a bunch of knitted squares which were going to be added to the Macmillan blanket but are too small so I’m doing something with them. Unfortunately there are enough squares but so many of them are all pink that one corner is just pink rather than the checkered effect on the rest of the squares. I’ve started knitting another square to see if I have the right tension and size needles to match what I have already – hopefully it’ll be fab and look good at the end – for now I’m keeping it under wraps and going to post Before and After pictures when it’s done.

What have you been upto?