What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

Maybe it’s me lol. Yup maybe it’s me. I’ve never been the greatest fan of cereal. I used to ear Weetabix when I was a teenager because it got me through the morning till lunch. Then I resorted to “5 items for £1” at Upper School – yes this probably also explained why I’m overweight lol.

Anyhoo there were certain cereals that I steer clear of. I’m not sure why but I never really liked Coco Pops and Sugar Puffs, they were tried once in a while just to prove that I still didn’t like them lol. Then again my Brother and My Mum loved Sugar Puffs. They used to have a bowl each and we’d all watch X-Men and various other cartoons that were on the Television on a Saturday morning.

Apparently the Honey Monster is coming back! Even The Guardian Newspaper did a write up about him. Can you believe he’s been around since the Seventies?

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