Where did March Go?

This post was going to start with how it felt like this week just flew by and didn’t achieve half of what I had meant to do. Then I realised, I think the whole of March was a bit like that.

So what have I done with my month? Well I applied for EllieBethDesigns UK‘s team as well as the creative team for Awesome Ladies Project. I didn’t get accepted for the first one but I got in with the latter.

ALP Creative Team

My first post for ALP went live on Friday which was really exciting. The prompt was “What Makes You Laugh?”. This was actually kind of hard and I had to make a mental note of things that I laughed at. Things like the Four Candles Sketch by The Two Ronnies and The Church of England bit by Eddie Izzard (also known as Cake or Death) came to mind later in the week once I’d done my layout. Four Candles came to mind on Thursday when the news broke about Ronnie Corbett passing away. Ronnie was one of those comedians who could get a laugh without being crass like a lot of comedians can be now.

Challenge 12: What Makes You Laugh

I included The Good Life which is one of my favourite TV sitcoms. Even though it’s about 40 years old (in fact on the 4th April it’ll be 41 years since the first episode aired). There’s a bit in the first episode when Tom tells Barbara his plan and she goes out into the garden to think. This is so me, when Chris was discussing The Fountain I would often sit in the garden weeding while thinking through everything. Dad and I would often watch this and Red Dwarf.

The Good Life

About two weeks before Easter, Chris had been building and painting the tomb for the Passion Play that would be taking place in Bedford. The weekend before Easter was the dress rehearsal so Dad and Chris ended up walking the tomb from our house to the park where the rehearsal was because it was too wide to fit into the car. Jaxon and I followed with the bits that they couldn’t carry.

Last Weekend was Easter so we had lots of bits on. It started on Friday morning with the Good Friday service at Woodside. There were craft activities for the kids so Chris helped Jaxon make me an Easter card which was lovely. (The photo is the right way up. Jaxon was being creative so we had “Hoppy Easter” upside down).

We then headed straight into town for the Open Air Witness in Harpur Square. My Mum asked me to take photos so I spent a lot  of the service squeezing through the crowd to take pictures. This was a babywearing win, I ended up wearing Jaxon on my back while taking photos. We then had lunch at The Maypole. It was an okay meal but could have been heaps better. (The BBQ sauce on my hunters chicken may as well have been chilli sauce it was that spicy. The peas were a bit shrivelled like they’d been micro-zapped. A bit of a disappointment after all the good stuff we’d heard).

On Saturday it was the “big” day, so we spent most of the day in town doing bits for the Bedford Passion Play. Chris left early with my Dad to do all sorts of prep bits. I briefly saw Dad around 10am when he delivered chain mail to one of the guys playing a roman soldier. Then I spent most of the play charging around, taking pictures and posting updates to the Hope Bedfordshire FB page.

Once the play had finished Jaxon and I headed home and ended up chilling at home for the rest of the day while Chris went to help his sister move house as she’d been let down by some of the people helping her.

On Tuesday, after Mum and I went to weigh in at SW, Jaxon, Dad and I went out for Lunch as it was Dad’s birthday. It was lovely to catch up and hang out for a bit.

And then before we knew it, it was the end of March and April was here.

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