Where You Been Girlie?

It’s nearly two weeks since I blogged and minus a small moment in the middle I didn’t miss it. Is that good or bad? I even questioned if it was time to give up properly.

Then again I think I was just going to be whiny and ignoring my blog was the better option. So what have I been upto while not blogging. Well it’s something like this.

Saturday 3rd

  • CJ and Our Sidekick were play fighting and tickling each other to death – except there was an actual injury this time – a combination of Our Sidekick moving and CJ moving his leg meant that Our Sidekick ended up with a nosebleed – it was all okay in the end as it had stopped within about 20 minutes and he was fine.

Monday 5th

One undecorated tree. Christmas tree festival over for another year.

  • I started the day by going into town and undecorating a Christmas tree for my Mum. She’d been part of the team who sponsored a tree at the annual Christmas Tree Festival. It was kind of depressing taking down a tree at the beginning of December!
  • I then headed to Mum’s to take back the decorations. I was literally in the car about to leave and this is what happened. The guy didn’t even realised that he’d done it!!! Erm hello! You looked straight at me and if your car shook as much as mine did then you would have known. My Dad came to my rescue and chased the car up the street. I was a bit shaken but having my Dad come to the rescue helped me chill again. (Btw I love the reflection in the bumper – I only just noticed that!)

The dent in my car from earlier.

Tuesday 6th

  • Our Connect Group was on Alpha serving again this week and it’s the last week of Alpha so it’s all finished again for another course. We had a good time. Caz was having a bad day so once we’d served dinner and were about to clear up I said to her to go because she was tired and needed an early night and things like that.

Friday 9th

  • We moved office at work – at one point I had a cardboard box just full of cables from three computers I then had to reassemble them all in the new office.
  • I collected Our Sidekick from school and then he came into work for a little while. (Took this picture in the car while I was waiting – I liked how the rain distorted the sunshine) He sat at my desk nearly the whole time and did drawing – we were still setting up and clearing up around ready to start work properly this morning.

It's #raining again. On the #schoolrun

  • We stayed for pizza with my manager and two IT guys who had been moving the server and things. Our Sidekick talked school and art with my manager. My manager was so encouraging about Our Sidekick’s artwork which was awesome. Our Sidekick had copied/drawn Monteriggioni from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and it was so good!
  • My blog friend Amy delivered her beautiful baby girl into the world – only a week and a day overdue! Well done lovely and Congratulations she’s so cute!

Saturday 10th

  • My blog friend Becca (who incidentally lives in like the same town or one town over from Amy!) celebrated her daughter’s first birthday! Rock on! Happy Birthday Selah.

Earring kit from my mum.
Christmas Trees as well
Christmas Trees done

  • Mum had given me these earring sets so that I could have nice Christmas earrings – well I made them on Saturday. I had fun – I don’t seem to quite have the hang of making sure that they are both the same length but it seemed to work. You can find the kits at JillyBeads.com.
  • We surprised our friend Bex who is getting married next week. I think she had to cancel her original plans for her hen do due to some family problems but one of the ladies at her church decided that we should have a surprise do. We all met in the church where Bex goes, she was there on the pretext of having a look at the Christmas Tree that had just finished being decorated.

Mulled wine and Christmas crackers at a hen do!! #decemberwedding

Sunday 11th

  • Played bass in the morning service
  • Rehearsed the Christmas Production – tried to choreograph a mimey dance thing for Mary, Joseph and the Angel – might have been easier if my Joseph hadn’t been pulling faces all the way through!
  • Our Sidekick redrew his Assassin’s Creed picture as the first one from Friday got damaged – this time it’s on A3 and so it’s a nice big picture instead of the squared paper that he drew Friday’s version on.
  • Christmas Lunch at Mum’s church – helped with dishing up, serving and washing up.
  • Finished my knitting finally!
  • Watched stupid amounts of TV, Gilmore Girls, The O.C. and Sarah Jane Adventures kept me sane – I think there might have been How I Met Your Mother in there as well but I’d already seen the episodes and was re-watching with Our Sidekick.

Monday 12th

  • CJ said to me before I left for work that he was convinced I’d forget to go to the new office this morning and that I’d go to the old office – well CJ I went to the right office! I was third in today.
  • Kewey got a job!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!! She starts tomorrow I think which is interesting given it being so close to the end of term but I guess in a way she can then catch on with the ropes before being let lose in January.
  • My manager was sent a comedy large Santa Hat – I had to try it on and take a picture – I couldn’t resist it.

My manager was sent an oversize Santa hat. This is the only way to wear it and see what you're doing. Otherwise it comes down to your shoulders!!

Tuesday 13th

  • I’d meant to post this last night but then got distracted dealing with other issues.
  • I almost finished all my Christmas shopping – one to make and one to buy and then I’m done. Took long enough lol. Next year I might start in September like I did last year.


    • Hannie says:

      Hey Becca – You’re welcome 🙂 I have been fairly busy but I’m never sure whether I’m at a normal amount of busy-ness and feel worse because I’ve not eaten right or slept right. Hope Selah had a good birthday 🙂

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