The hardest thing not to do at the moment is worry. Often it uses more energy to worry and so you get tired and stressed out. You go over and over every possible conceivable idea of what may or may not happen, you rehearse your reaction in your mind and then find that “what if….?” springs back into your mind.

I don’t have a permanent job at the moment, I am working temporarily as a kitchen assistant for my Mum’s friend’s company – am I worried – maybe a little bit but right now it’s okay, I think the biggest thing about leaving my full time job is that “what if….?” question(s) that keep pinging back into my brain.

Then I try to remember two verses….

1 Thessalonians 5


Sometimes it’s not easy and sometimes I do want to freak out, but then I seem to think about something else and then come back to it and realise that, that worry was for nothing. God will provide in whatever shape or form that is.

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