Yorkshire Dales: Day Six and Seven

Yorkshire Dales: Summer 2015

Last week we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. There was signal but it was minimal and patchy so when it come to blogging it was a bit impossible. I made notes so I could share of our adventures once we were back.

Day Six (Saturday)
It was a bit of a mission on Saturday morning, having slept really bad last thing I wanted was to have to get up and do stuff. On one of the times that I woke up there was a loud bang, I thought I had imagined it so didn’t think any more of it but while I was lying there trying to motivate myself to get up, Chris had got up to check the tent and the whole porch of the tent had collapsed. I think because we were almost on a hard standing bit rather than proper grass it meant the pegs hadn’t gone in far enough to secure the tent properly.

Chris decided what would be best would be to pack as much as we could into the car, take down the big tent and squish us three plus the stuff we needed to keep out into a two man tent. Some bits went into Our Sidekick tent given that there was just him in a two man tent (Actually I think Chris told me it was a three man tent when we got home).

After moving the tents round we went into Hawes for a wander around the shops. We then headed back to the campsite so that we could get some lunch. On our way Jaxon had fallen asleep in the car so I sat with him while Chris sorted lunch for us. I actually ended up dozing in the passenger seat and Chris made me jump when he tapped on the window with my food.

Following lunch we went to the Dales Museum. I think had I had more sleep I would have been a bit more receptive and interested in what I was seeing. There was a whole section about the Wesleyan missions around the area which was quite interesting. When we finished at the Dales Museum we went across the road to the Chapel Gallery. I got a bit excited as they had wool dieing kits. I have a couple of balls of undyed wool and it would be nice to do something with it rather than it just sitting there taking up space. I also watched a lady turning roving into wool that could then be crocheted or knitted.

Chris and I then went to the sweetie shop while Our Sidekick stayed in the car with Jaxon. The lady who was serving us was so friendly. She used to be a teacher and then gave that up to run the sweet shop. Chris got super sour bon bons and a bag of chocolate buttons for Jaxon. I had Thunder and Lightning Ice Cream. It had caramel sauce and piece of cinder toffee – it wasn’t quite as good as the chocolate brownie one earlier in the week but it was still yummy all the same.

We headed back to the tent for tea – I cooked pulled beef sweetcorn and new potatoes. I’d misjudged how much food we needed to Our Sidekick and I also had pasta as well. Chris and I had pineapple for pudding.

Day Seven (Sunday)
Today was all about packing up and getting on the road. By the time Our Sidekick surfaced we were getting on with packing things away. It seemed to be lots less stressful than when we were putting the tents up when we arrived. On our way home we were driving via Chris’s Aunt house, because she lives in Yorkshire we don’t see her often as we’d like. She’s so lovely. She had ham sandwiches ready for us and chocolate cake. Jaxon was being very good and eating what he was given but when Auntie offered to stew an apple for him you could have thought it was Christmas – he loved it and wolfed it down. Clearly it had a good effect as Jaxon slept for a chunk of the second half of the journey. He started to get grouchy towards the end of the journey and we just thought he was fed up of being in the car, we later figured out what the actual problem was and realised it might have made sense to have tried that on the way home.

Once he was in bed, Chris and I worked on putting the tents away. Then the mass clear up operation started.

Passing the time on the A1(M)

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