A to Z of Date Nights: The Alphabet So Far…

Back in September, we started a challenge for our Date Nights. We would work our way through the alphabet visiting different places on each date night. Because of other commitments and things that have come up, we’ve got a little lost. Most of the dates I had blogged about as we went along but some got delayed and then didn’t happen. Here is a catch up with our A to Z of Date Nights.

A to Z of Date Nights

Here are our date nights so far…

A is for Athena’s Palace

Greek food – unexpectedly yummy! I love Italian food and other Mediterranean cuisines but not sure I would have picked Greek immediately. You can read more about it here.

B is for Bella Italia

Italian. My favourite! Definite safe bet here. With some extra organising we went to Bella Italia in Milton Keynes. We had a lovely meal and then went to the Odeon as they have a Snog concession there. We love Snog frozen yoghurt but they are mainly based in big cities or just the little concessions like this one. More here.

C is for Cineworld

This was the date night that started the whole idea in the first place. I’d seen that Kingsmen: The Golden Circle was coming out and this was the night that we had booked tickets for. We both really enjoyed the film and it was good fun. I loved Elton John’s cameo although was the swearing really necessary? You can read more here.

D is for Domino’s and Deadman’s Cross

This one I struggled with. I had Dessert Island on the list but could we just go out for dessert or did it need to be a dinner? Also Dominos was on the list but I don’t think they do eat in. Well Chris came up with the plan and off we went. We collected our pizzas from Dominos and then got back in the car. We headed out past Cotton End to Deadman’s Cross for an outdoor picnic then back into town to Dessert Island. More here.

E is for…

Well, this one was skipped temporarily due to what was available locally (and in our budget!). Hopefully we’ll have an E in 2018!

F is for Frankie and Benny’s

Oh dear! We ended up at Frankie and Benny’s in St Neots and all it did was prove that Bedford’s F&Bs isn’t the only disappointing one. More here.

G is for GBK

Towards the end of last year Riverside North opened in Bedford and there are a number of new cafes, restaurants and bars that have opened there. Chris and I visited GBK for G. More here.

H is for Herd/Home

We’ve been to Herd a handful of times and one of the knitting groups that my friend attends go to Herd for their Christmas party most years. The times we have been there we’ve had great service but this time it was a bit of a muddle. We didn’t let that dampen proceedings though. For this week’s date night we had a takeaway from Herd and ate it at home while catching up on things like The Apprentice and other bits of TV that we were behind on. You can read more about H’s Date Night here.

I is for Il Girasole

Chris found this one again. Il Girasole is in St Neots near the Market Square. Chris was impressed by the fact that they had a gluten-free menu with a wide range of choices. I ordered a calzone for my main course and oh my goodness, I’m surprised Chris didn’t have to roll me back to the car. It was as big as my head (or at least it seemed that way!)

Other Dates

Between these dates we’ve been using up various voucher codes that we’ve gained from other services we use like our mobile phone provider. When we’re in London we like to go to Snog (Frozen Yoghurt) near Soho. We thought that was our closest one but on our Bella Italia date night we found that there is a Snog concession at the Odeon Cinema at Milton Keynes Stadium. We have been known to get dinner at Bella Italia or one of the other restaurants on that retail park and then go round to the cinema for dessert!

So, hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll get back on track and will tick off some more of our A to Z of Date Nights