004: Interesting Blogs Stats

On NYE/NYD, WordPress sent out a round up of blog stats. I was pretty excited by this and thought I’d share some bits. I was also inspired by Amy at Lemon and Raspberry.

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. So It’s Now (this is an old post but it keeps getting views!)
  2. Review: Lightspeed iHelicopter
  3. Dolly Mixture!!!!!!Woohoo!!
  4. An Evening with The Hudson Taylors
  5. Bloggers Wednesday: Kaelah

Top 5 Blogs Directing Traffic

  1. Today’s Letters
  2. Julia’s Place  (new home of 100 Word Challenge for Grown Up’s)
  3. Yes and Yes
  4. The Head’s Office (original home of 100 Word Challenge for Grown Up’s)
  5. The Fountain (Bedford)

Search Terms

(I didn’t have that many strange ones – they were all logical to get to my posts)

  1. Emo Fringe (lots of emo hair search terms!)
  2. Dolly mixture
  3. The Hudson Taylors
  4. Operation Christmas Child Facts
  5. iHelicopter Review