007: HUGStronger

I read Kaleigh’s blog and her posts are amazing and so encouraging – she has this huge heart for people and seeing hurting people, relax and find that happy place that helps them. She also has an amazing way of sharing stuff and HUGStronger is her new project – it’s still in it’s infancy but something great is coming. This is the intro from Kaleigh:

HUGStronger stands for Helping Undergrads Grow Stronger. If you’re in or around the college years, we’re here to give you the extra oomph to get going in the morning or a second set of hands to pick you off the floor at night.

We don’t want you ducking for cover for the next four years. We don’t want you holed up in your dorm room or bedroom, afraid to show the world you’ve got spunk and attitude, strength and power. We want to help you grow up satisfied with where you are in this wide, wide world.

Each post is short and sweet for you to scroll through in-transit to the library for a long night of studying or at the bus stop waiting to hitch a ride to class. We want to offer you whatever you need, however you need it.

So as a university graduate I know how crazy it makes life and what a rollercoaster it can be when it comes to it. I stayed in Bedford whereas most of my friends went away – one to Cambridge, one to Nottingham, one to Hertfordshire and so on, but on the other hand I gained friends. In my friendship group there was someone from Nottinghamshire, someone from Lincolnshire, two people from Cambridgeshire, someone from Buckinghamshire, amongst other places. I made a group of friends that I adored, but it took time. But what if you’re that girlie who finds making friends hard, so you show up to your lectures, go to the library and then you hide away in your dorm for the rest of the time.

Well let us help you. We don’t have all the answers but we want to help you out. So follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and take a look at the website – there is more to come and we want you to be a part of it.


    • Hannie says:

      You’re so right 🙂 I think starting with Undergraduates is starting point because it’s such a big life change. I would think like 98% of students move away and there’s so many of them who feel lonely for one or another reason. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment Lily. Have a good weekend.

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