011: The Fault *Not* in Our Stars

I would class myself as a Nerdfighter – if you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is please look here.

So John Green who is one half of VlogBrothers is an author. He writes Young Adult (YA) books which are probably technically out of my age bracket (I’m 25 – am I supposed to still read Young Adult Fiction?!).

I love Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska is kinda sad and not what I expected but I still enjoyed it all the same. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was my first John Green book that I bought pretty much straight after release (I think within the week of release was when I purchased it). I even blogged about An Abundance of Katherines back in 2009.

Yesterday I received my confirmation email from Amazon UK my copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” has been despatched and should be with me by Saturday. That gives me until then to finish up some of the 6 books that I currently have on the go. I have to finish at least one to be on track with the goal of 25 books read in 2012. Anyway back to the confirmation email…..How exciting – then again I’ve started seeing tweets appear today – the pre-ordered special signed copies aren’t signed.

Thankfully this video appeared yesterday to correct it in a way but I want to ask – What are Amazon doing? Surely there was some form of lack of communication between the publisher and Amazon right – but apparently it seems to be Amazon Europe who are so far affected by it.

So time will tell – will mine be signed? I’m thinking no given that my two Twitter friends who also pre-ordered have both received unsigned copies.

(On another note this is quite funny)

EDIT: When I got in from work yesterday, my copy was there waiting for me. It had a signed copy sticky label on the front cover and when I opened it there was the signature – I got mine from Amazon UK and it arrived signed.

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