Books: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

I started this post but then I had to reboot my phone and it got wiped – I have no idea why as it was saved. Anyhoo…

So John Green is a writer from America – hence my reasoning that I heard about him from italktosnakes or one of the other FiveAwesomeGirls. I’d been reading John’s Blog and really liked it (at this point I hadn’t really seen any of his vlogs – I love the Brotherhood idea!!). So just before Christmas I decided to risk that I might get duplicate presents and invested in two books by John Green. They were An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. This was also because I’d realised this year that I’m getting lazy and need to engage my brain more (when you do the same thing mosts days at work you have to create some kind of distraction lol).

Also it probably didn’t help that my friend Elle annouced that she read 322 books in 2009. Yes thats like one a day near enough!

Anyhoo so I started reading the book and off I went – I guess being ill gave my the time to cram in extra reading space. Anyhoo I loved the book and look forward to reading Looking For Alaska. I wanted to review this book some more but I’m so full of cold and it’s taken me nearly all afternoon to get to this point hehe.

I can see me in the Lindsay character – how sometimes I can be a different person to other people – this tends to be – sensible mature Hannah for work but then mess around HanniePants for church and hanging out with Lambkin, The Abster and Essie. Colin is really cool and I love how Colin and Hassan have their own little slang between then and they don’t care that other people might not necessarily get it.

Also having watched this video I have come to the conclusion that I have Tiny Chicken’s Disease.