013: Fill In The Blanks

1.   The last thing I ate was my dinner yesterday – so that was Shepherd’s Pie and vegetables – my Mum rocks! I helped dish up as she was trying to finish a bunch of stuff. My Dad helped me by serving the vegetables which were baby carrots, garden peas and sweetcorn – my favourites!

2.   The last song I listened to was well as I write this The Scientist by Coldplay is playing. I do like Coldplay’s earlier stuff (circa Parachutes and Rush of Blood but that’s about it pretty much)

3.  Using the letters in my name I can spell    {Hannah Louise – because other wise there is a lack of letters!} Noise, Nose, House, Hose, Louse, Lose, Inn, Aloha, Hosanna, Alias, Neon, Noes, One, Unison (I could keep going lol)

4.  If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick    black or navy blue – although it would be kind of boring it would work for most events.

5.  If you were to look in my bag right now you’d find    iPad, wallet, new inhalers, old inhalers, like 5 pens (because I’m that organised lol). diary, two notebooks and deodorant

6.  When I finish filling in the blanks I’m going to go to work!

7.  My all time favorite song to dance to is Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by Scissor Sisters – always gets people on the dance floor – then again my Mum always joins in with the Cha Cha Slide and Macarena.


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